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The 7 Principles of Prince2 1. Ensure continuous business justification 2. Learn from experience 3. Defines roles and responsibilities 4. Manage by stages 5. Manage by exception 6. Focus on the products 7. Tailor to suit the project environment
The 7 Themes of Prince2 1. Business Case 2. Organization 3. Quality 4. Plans 5. Risk 6. Change 7. Progress
Business Case A written document justifying starting a project It is continuously updated to reflect the current status. The responsibility of the Executive.
5 Characteristics of a Project Change, Temporary, Cross-functional, Unique, Uncertainty
The 4 Elements for Prince2 Themes, Principles, Processes and Tailoring
3 Types of Issues in Change Management Request for Change, Off-Specification, Problem/Concern
The 7 Processes 1. Starting up a Project (SU) 2. Initiating a Project (IP) 3. Directing a Project (DP) 4. Controlling a Stage (CS) 5. Managing Product Delivery (MP) 6. Managing a Stage Boundary (SB) 7. Closing a Project (CP)
The 6 Project Variables Timescales, Cost, Quality, Scope, Benefits, Risk
The 4 Levels of Hierarchy 1. Corproate / Programme Management 2. Direction Level (Project Board) 3. Management Level (Project Manager) 4. Delivery Level (Team Manager)
3 Roles in a Project Board Executive, Senior User and Senior Supplier
5 Steps in the Risk Management Procedure 1. Identify 2. Assess 3. Plan 4. Implement 5. Communicate
Configuration Management Looking after a product in the project
What 6 documents does the PM maintain during the Controlling a Stage Process? Daily Log, Lessons Log, Issue Register, Risk Register, Quality Register and Configuration Items Record.
The 4 Strategy Documents Quality Management Strategy, Configuration Management Strategy, Risk Management Strategy and Communication Management Strategy
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