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Stack #23363

andy's spelling 4

spelling 4- wordsspelling 4 - definitions
atlas A book of maps
mercury metal that is liquid at room temperature- used in thermometers
psyche spirit or mind
odyssey adventurous trip
museum building in which artistic, historical or scientific works are exhibited
hypnosis sleeplike condition as a result of suggestions from another person
Fahrenheit temperature scale that shows freezing point of water as 32 and boiling point as 212
czar emperor of Russia
pasteurize process of heating and cooling to remove harmful micro-organisms - used in milk
fate something that finally happens to a person or thing; destiny
jovial cheerful
tantalize to tempt
hygiene scientific methods for good health and prevention of disease
mentor counselor
psychiatrist doctor who deals with mental diseases
mosiac picture or design made by fitting small peices of glass or tile together
Celsius temperature scale where the freezing point of water is 0 and the boiling point is 100
fury violent anger; rage
galvanized steel that is covered with a protective coating so it will not rust
narcissus plant with flowers
Created by: mcw1212