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Mod 1,2 4,6,9 videos

Imaging 2. Videos for midterm

______ of a DR image is equal to the term "density" used to describe appearance of analog images. brightness
______ is a phosphor used for intensifying screens calcium tungstate
_______ measures amount of exposure needed to achieve a specific density relative speed
Decrease exposure level needed to achieve optical density reflects a/an ______ in receptor speed increase
Direct exposure film has a _____ silver content than film used with intensifying screens higher
Term to describe speed of a digital imaging system speed class
Accurately create output signal that matches the input is called DQE
Portion of TFT that collects individual electrons? TFT
Matrix is composed of _____ dels
# of electrons deposited in the DEL corresponds to the amount of .....? radiation that strikes each area
Gas filled CT detectors have a _____ acceptance angle than scintillator based detectors. smaller
Receptor with _____ DQE can produce optimal images with less radiation exposure highest
Increased absorption efficiency has what effect on the DQE of a receptor? increases the DQE of the receptor
Spatial resolution can be measured with _____/mm or ____/mm cycles/mm or lp/mm
Increasing sampling frequency means what more samples are taken per given unit of measurement
Greater the sampling frequency, the ____ info is extracted from the IR more
Dynamic range is the IR's ability.... to respond to exposure
Range of exposures that will produce an optimal image is termed exposure latitude
Area of geometric blur surrounding the edges of an object is penumbra
_____ phosphor gives off light photons that strike the photocathode, causing electrons to be _____. These electrons strike the ____ pohophor, causing _____ to be emitted. input, released. Output, light photons emitted.
Why do LCD monitors excel over cathode ray tube displays? They consume less energy and have better spatial resolution
Workstation LCD display have a much _____ luminance than traditional viewbow illuminators. lower
Contrast capability of a monitor controls the ability of users to see ____ and ____ in a display image lines and fine structures
Modality worklist should include what 3 things? modality, exam, pt location
Adding black borders to display is called shuttering
pixel value manipulation to change the visual appearance is called edge enhancement
___ is a conventional measurement unit for dose equivalent when measuring radiation REM
_______ attach to the collimator and cast a shadow on the patient over the area where no radiation will be directed. They dont need touch the patient shadow shields
PBL is what positive beam limitation. auto collimation
Adjusting the image data to match the acceptable display data for a particular anatomical structure is known as automatic rescaling
Using ____ to adjust for grid ratio increase in DR is a viable way to adjust technique without affecting image quality kVp
Image noise limits the ______ of operation speed class
speed class of operation for analog IR is ___. fixed
Increasing kVp has what effect on the number of x-rays that the tube emits? increases the #.
Primary reason for filtration? decreasing patient dose
doubling distance reduces exposure by how much? 1/4
Why does beam loose intensity traveling to IR? divergence (NOT attenuation!)
Using tighter collimation will reduce "undercutting"? T or F true
Grids reduce the amount of scattered radiation produced. T or F? False. They reduce the amount of scattered radiation reaching the IR, not the PRODUCTION of scatter
Grids main purpose is improve contrast
Grids transmit 90% of primary beam. T or F? False. 60%
Gridlines are less of a problem in DR than in anolog. T or F false
Grid cut off _______ the amount of radiation reaching the IR. decreases
Moire pattern occurs more often when using ____ dimension grids than when using ____. short, long
____ side of tube is the more intense side. cathode
Compton scatter interactions take place between x-ray and _____ shell e-. outer shell e-
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