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5th Science Ch 3

5th Grade science Chapter 3 Vocab

Organism Any living thing
Macro Invertebrate Small Animals without a backbone
Environmental Stressors Things in the habitat that cause organisms to have difficulty surviving (chemical pollutants, sediments, lack of oxygen)
Tolerance The amount of environmental stressors that an organism can have in their habitat and still survive
Intolerant / Very Tolerant Organisms who are strongly negatively affected by environmental stressors
Storm Water Pond (Man Made) Pond where rainwater flows into to control flooding an protect natural systems
Watershed The entire region draining into a river, river system or other body of water
Impervious Surface Material that water is not able to soak into
Infiltration Water soaking into a soil or other surface material
Aquatic Invasive Species Water organisms that invade ecosystems beyond their natural range
Absorption / Infiltration Precipitation soaking into the ground
Aquifer Ground water stored in and between rocks underground
Condensation When water vapor turns into liquid water and becomes visible as a cloud fog or water droplets
Evaporation When liquid water turns into water vapor (gas)
Groundwater Water that is under the surface of the ground
Humidity Amount of water vapor in the air
Precipitation Water in the form of rain, snow, sleet or hail
Run Off Water that is not absorbed so it flows downhill, usually into a body of water
Surface water Water that is not absorbed and collects in ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers
Transpiration / Trans-Evaporation Water that 'sweats' and evaporates from a plant, mostly from the underside of the leaves
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