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HCAD Mid Term


Perpendicular Gothic The architectural style of the Gothic Period in England that balanced the vertical thrust with a horizontal emphasis in composition.
Groin Vault A compound vault resulting from the intersection of two barrel vaults at right angles
Great Hall A high, large single room in English buildings serving as the primary living and eating space. Having a pitched wooden roof and often a smoke hole.
Oriel Window A small window projecting beyond the outside wall of a building on an upper floor that does not come to the ground.
Tracery Curvilinear open stonework creating a decorative pattern and supporting leaded glass in the upper part of a Gothic window.
Flying Buttress A freestanding buttress connected to the building with one or more arches.
Liripipe The elongated hood of a jacque and other garments which could be coiled in a decorative manner.
Wainscot A decorative facing such as wood paneling applied to the dado portion of an interior wall.
Jacque (Jack) Short, close fitting pourpoint often fur lined and worn over a doublet. It had larger sleeves than a doublet and an elongated hood.
Surcote A long outer garment, open at the front, worn by men and women, either sleeveless or with varying lengths of sleeves.
Greek Cross Plan The plan of a church in which two main aisles of equal length cross at right angles producing a cross plan with four equal arms.
Cloister A covered, arcaded walkway surrounding a courtyard usually linking a church with other religious buildings.
Triforium A shallow passageway above the arches of the nave and below the clerestory.
Nave The middle and largest aisle of a Latin Cross church or cathedral, intended primarily for the laity.
Impost block A tapered block placed between the top of a capital and the springline of an arch. Characteristic of EC/Byz architecture.
Catacomb Underground passageways and rooms used as cemeteries.
Cloisonne A metal decoration technique in which enamel, glass or painted compartments are separated by shaped metal bars or fillets forming the design outline.
Maniakis The flat, wide highly decorated collar worn by Byzantine Emperors
Stemma The small crown set with gems and decorated with hanging ornaments worn by Byz Emperors
Gonelle The tunic worn by both sexes that became the basis for both monastic clothing and the long coats of knights. Short for men, long for women.
Arcade A connected line of arches supported by columns or piers.
Springline The point on a vertical support at which an arch begins.
Basilica A Roman hall of justice with a high, often vaulted central space, a clerestory and an apse at each end.
Scena Frons The decorated facade of the backstage house in a Roman theater.
Insula A Roman apartment block in a town or city.
Pilaster An engaged pier or column with less than half the depth showing
Apse A semi-circular space at either end of a Roman basilica in which the judge sat and later in a church in which the altar is located.
Tunica A Roman linen garment similar to the Greek chiton, but sewn from two pieces of cloth, slipped over the head, and tied at the waist. Characteristic of common people.
Licinium A linen loincloth, knotted at the waist, originally the only undergarment.
Cuirass Two rigid metal or leather panels shaped to the upper body, connected by straps and worn on the chest as armor. Often highly decorated.
Ionic The Greek Order characterized by elegant detailing with a capital consisting of large volutes a continuous frieze and a dentiled cornice.
Megaron The roofed central hall of a Greek palace or house.
Stoa A greek market building with a long, covered portico of columns providing a sheltered promenade or meeting place fronting stores and offices.
Entablature In classical architecture, the elaborated beam or lintel carried by columns and divided horizontally into architrave, frieze, and cornice.
Cornice The upper, horizontal band of the entablature capped by a projecting cornice or crown moldinig. Also the upper decorative zone or an interior wall.
Reeding An ornament, usually on a column, of adjacent, parallel half round moldings, resembling an abstract cluster of reeds.
Anthimeon A stylized ornament based on honeysuckle foliage, often placed at the peak of a temple pediment.
Kline Couch for sleep, sitting and dining. Often decorated head and foot boards and upholstered mattress.
Peplos A Greek garment consisting of a large rectangle of cloth, the top folded down, round the torso and pinned on each shoulder. Worn by both sexes.
Fibula A large pin or brooch used by Greeks and Romans to fasten male or female garments
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