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Mech vent final rev.

Shanti's class @ ATI

What are the advantages of negative pressure ventilator? We breathe negative pressure
What are the disadvantages of negative pressure ventilator? Limited effectiveness in volume produced, low cardiac output in hypovolemic patients, can facilitate upper airway obstruction
Define Transpulmonary Pressure (PL) pressure difference between alveolus and pleural space. Prevents atelectasis.
A patient with this disease has his Transpulmonary pressure. Congestive Heart Failure
Define Transairway Pressure (PTA) pressure between mouth and the alveolus
A patient with this diseaswe has high transairway pressure Asthma
Define Peak Pressure highest pressure recorded or seen on manometer at end of inspiration.
Define plateau pressure pressure at end of inspiration following a 0.5 to 1.0 second hold.
Define static compliance determines stiffnes of the lung at full inspired ventilator breath
What is the normal lung compliance for an intubated male? 40-50 ml/cmH2O
What is the normal lung compliance for an intubated female? 35-45 ml/cmH2O
What is the normal lung compliance for a non-intubated person 50-170 ml/cmH2O
Define time constant The rate at which lungs are filled
Define Dynamic Compliance determines overall stiffness of lungs to ventilation
Define Airway resistance frictional forces associated with ventilation due to lung tissue viscosity, the anatomical structure of the conducting airways and adjacent tissues and organs.
Normal RAW for non-intubated person .6-2.4L/sec
Normal RAW for intubated patient 6 cmH2O/L/sec
Calculation for static compliance Vt/Plt-PEEP
Calculation for dynamic compliance Vt/PIP-PEEP
Calculation for Airway Resistance [(PIP-PLT)/Insp flow]*60
Control Panel AKA User interface
Control Circuit Brain. Logical decision making unit of the vent. aka microprocessor
Control Variable Variables remain constant with any change in lung mechanics
Conditional Variable Variable changes with changes in lung mechanics
Phase Variable 3 phases of breath: Trigger, Limit, & Cycle
What is trigger variable Beginning of inspiration, can be patient or machine. machine>time. patient>pressure or flow
What is limit variable Max value
What is cycle variable End of Inspiration
Examples of electrically powered ventilator Bear I & Mac I
Examples of pneumatically Powered ventilator Bird Mark 14 & Monoghan
Examples of combined electrically/pneumatically ventilator Evita Dragger, Servo, Servo 300, 840, Sechrist, star, Bear 1000, viasys
Created by: celina1382