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Humidity and Aerosol

Test questions

Bypassing the upper airways due to inhaled gas will cause damage to the respiratory tract. What can be provided to prevent this 1. Similar levels of humidity 2. Similar levels of heat
A device thats adds invisible molecular water to gas Humidifier
What kind of water does not carry pathogens Vapor
What types of water carries Pathogens Aerosols Condensation
What is the most important factor that effects Humidifier Output Temperature
The higher the temperature in a Humidifier, the greater water vapor content of the delivered gas
Types of humidifiers delivered through small bore tubing Bubble humidifiers
Types of humidifiers delivered through large bore tubing Bubble humidifier (Cascade Humidifier) Passover HME
What is NOT recommended for use with infants because of the increased mechanical dead space and use of uncuffed ETT HME
What captures both heat and moisture from expired gas and returns it to the patient at approx. 70% efficiency? HME
What are some common problems with Humidification Systems 1. Condensation 2. Cross Contamination 3. Ensuring Proper Conditioning of inspired gas
Breathing Circuit Condensate must always be treated as? Infectious waste
Bland Aerosol Therapy with Sterile Water or Saline is used to Treat? 1. Upper Airway Edema 2. Overcome Heat and Humidity Deficits in patients with Tracheal Airways 3. Help obtain Sputum Specimens
What Nebulizers are used to generate Bland Aerosols 1. Large Volume Jet Nebulizers 2. Ultra Sonic Nebulizers
What are some common problems with Bland Aerosol Therapy 1. Environmental Safety 2. Cross Contamination and Infection 3. Inadequate Mist Production and Over Hydration 4. Bronchospasm and Noise
Humidity is measured by 1. Partial Pressure 2. Percentage
An Aerosol is defined as Particulate matter suspended in a gas
The definition of capacity is The maximum amount of water content a gas can contain at a give temperature
Relative Humidity is defined as The actual water content of a gas at a given temperature
Water Vapor is defined as Water contained in a gas as vapor
You must deliver a maximal amount of humidity to a patients airway; how could this be accomplished using a wick humidifier 1. Increase Thermostat to 37 C 2. Keep water in reservoir at correct level 3. Ensure total flow through humidifier exceeds patient requirements 4. Use water traps or drainage bag in the circuit
An advantage of the heated wick humidifier, compared with a bubble humidifier is High flow outputs at high humidity are possible
The majority of humidifiers operate using the principle of Evaporation
Ways to improve a humidifiers efficiency include 1. Increase the temperature 2. Increase the surface area
The magnitude of the pressure exerted by water vapor is dependent upon Relative humidity
Factors that influence an aerosols deposition in the lungs include 1. Particle size 2. Gravity 3. Inertia
The piezoelectric crystal in an ultrasonic nebulizer Converts electrical energy to mechanical energy
Suitable for use for a patient requiring a simple oxygen mask Bubble humidifier
Provide humidified gas for a patient who is intubated; which would be the most appropriate 1. Wick humidifier 2. A heated wick humidifier
When checking oxygen in a patients room, you hear an audible chirping or whistling sound. The most likely cause is The humidifier pop off
Contemporary high output humidifiers employ which of the following in their operation? 1. A wick 2. A heater
The most common type of humidifier in clinical practice is The bubble humidifier
An indication that a heat and moisture exchanger is becoming obstructed would be The patients WOB is increased
A heat moisture exchanger should be 1. Placed between the ventilator circuit, or oxygen therapy equipment, and the patients airway 2. Used for short term applications (Less than 24 Hours) 3. Monitored for obstruction
Which humidifiers would be suitable for use with a mechanical ventilator? 1. Fisher and Paykel MR850 2. Hudson RCI Neptune
Advantages of Metered Dose Inhalers include 1. Small size 2. Ease of use
A valved holding chamber when used with an MDI may be helpful To improve the patients coordination and timing
When using and MDI, the patient should be instruct to 1. Take a slow deep breath 2. Squeeze the MDI shortly after inspiration has begun 3. Hold his or her breath allowing inspiration 4. Exhale passively
The most important aspect of using MDI's is Patient instruction
Increasing the amplitude of an ultrasonic nebulizer Increases the amount of aerosol output
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