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Pharm Unit 16

SPC Pharmacology Unit 16 Exam 5

Intended action of Xanthine Promote relaxation of smooth muscle
Natural Source of Xanthine Tea--Theophylline (most effective) Coffee--caffeine Cocoa--theobromine
Which source of Xanthine is most effective? Tea/Theophylline
Methylxanthines "Methyl" added to enhanced bronchodilating effect
What are the pulmonary effects of Methylxanthines? Inhibits bronchoconstriction Drops pulmonary vascular resistance (Dilates pulmonary blood vessels) Enhances contraction and endurance of the diaphragm
How many theories of Action? 3
Mild Toxicity of Methylxanthine Nausea, Headache, Vomiting
Serious Toxicity of Methylxanthine Seizure, Convulsions
Extended Half-Life of Methylxanthine fever, pneumonia, & some antibiotics may extend half-life
Reduced Half-Life of Methylxanthine Smoking, High-Protein Diet, Children (high metabolic activity)
Medications of Methylxanthine Theophylline Aminophylline
Aminophylline relative water solubility IV administered
Effects of Methylxanthine Mild Renal Vasodilation (Diuresis) Gastrointestinal (Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhea)
Anti-Inflammatory Effects Decreased Eosinophil Migration Reduced airway response to adverse stimuli
Is there an absolute known mechanism of action? No only 3 known theories.
What are the CNS effects of Methylxanthines? A Improvement of the respiratory drive, BUT may cause anxiety, irritability, and insomnia
Methylxanthines may induce............of the CNS Twitching, Tremors, & Seizures
What vitamin may reduce Methylxanthines CNS effects? Vitamin B6
Created by: Langhout1418