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Otic (ear meds)

TermDefinitionMedsSide effectsContraindications
Antibiotics/glucocorticoid combination drugs Used for otitis externa (swimmer's ear) to reduce inflammation -ciprodex -cortisporin -vosol HC
System antibiotics Required for inner or middle ear infections -amoxicillin -sulfamethoxazole & trimethoprim (Bactrim) -cefaclor
Impaction of cerumen -can cause decreased hearing & pain -can trap bacteria -Mineral oil -cerumenolytics -hydrogen peroxide Used to decrease amount of wax
Pain medications For infection or trauma pain
Motion sickness -balance disorder (-ine) -meclizine -transdermal scopolamine -meds should be take 20-60 min before -patch should be applied 4hrs before
Vertigo (dizziness) Treated with an anticholinergic drug meclizine
Ototoxicity commonly occurs with antibiotics cause damage to the ear gentamicin -tinnitus:ringing in the ears -hearing loss -severe headache -ataxia -balance disturbance
Ear assessment -assess ear structure & hearing -assess pain, tenderness, drainage -ask about previous damage/injury -ask about drug/food allergies
Nursing Implications (ear) -wear gloves -cleanse of earwax -give meds at room temp -PT remain on opposite side 5-10 min -if both ear, wait 5-10min -Ear meds may cause dizziness Report ear pain, discharge, loss of hearing -cotton ball may be used, but not in the ear canal -drops should be at room temp -may run warm water over drop bottle
Created by: Mzdym0nd8