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Ophthalmic(eye meds)

TermDefinitionMedsSide effectsContraindications
Local anesthetics (-caine) Eye irritations and infections -pontocaine 0.5% solution -proparacaine DO NOT rub or touch eye
Anti-microbials (-cin) anti-infectives -gentamicin -tobramycin -erythromycin
NSAIDS Eye irritations and infections -ketoroiac tromethamine 0.5%
Glucocorticoid (-one) Eye irritations and infections -dexamethasone -hydrocortone
Conjunctivitis pink eye gentamicin ophthalmic ointment (antibiotic) May experience burning sensation with administration
Stye bacterial infection of oil gland in eyelid doxycycline
Mydriatics Dilate pupils for internal exam May cause photosensitivity; sunglasses are encouraged
Staining agents -diagnose corneal defect -used to find foreign objects -stains object green
Immunomodulators Increases tear production Restasis
Eye Assessment -Assess eye structure prior to -assess vision -assess for redness, pain, swelling tearing, dryness, discharge -ask about previous eye damage/injury -ask about food/drug allergies b -Caution patient of decreased vision -report burning, itching, stinging, swelling, loss of vision To reduce absorption through the nasolacrimal duct, apply pressure for 30-60 sec after instilling drops
Created by: Mzdym0nd8