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Pharm Unit 15

SPC Pharmacology Unit 15 Exam 5

Ribavirin is also known as? Virazole
Ribavirin is used to.... Treat (RSV) Respriatory Syncytial Virus Antiviral Medication
T/F Ribavirin is contagious? True. Spreads easily person to person
SPAG 2 Small Particle Aerosol Generator A large Volume Nebulizer
Administration of Ribavirin Used in a SPAG 2 and is nebulized for 12-18hrs a day for 3-7 days for treatment.
Adverse side-effects of Ribavirin? Pulmonary Dysfunction, Hypotension, Cardiac Arrest, Skin Rash, Eye Irritation, Hematological Abnormalities, Carcinogenic, Mutangenic
Vancomycin is also know as..... Vancocin
Vancomycin is.... A antibiotic, kills gram-positive bacteria, used to treat MRSA
Tobi is also known as..... Tobramycin
Tobi is.... A antibiotic, treats pseudomonas aeruginosa (a gram-negative bacterium)
Tobi should be.... Refrigerated/stored at temperatures under 77 degrees F for up to 28 days. Should NOT be exposed to intense light!
Tobi is administered via? Nebulizer
Dose restrictions for Tobi... Up to 300mg BID >6 years old 12hrs apart recommended no less than 6hrs Not to use for more than 28 days
Colistin is also know as.... Colistimethate
Colistin is.... A antibiotic, treatment of gram-negative bacteria
Tobi as an aerosol solution..... Most common application is allergy Must pre-dilate before use of dedicated nebulizer Must stay with patient during duration of therapy Must wear mask to prevent inhalation of drug future neb treatments may have adverse reactions if initial does not
Tobi as a Systemic (IV/PO).... Can be toxic to liver and kidneys and may induce anemia May cause loss in hearing (ototoxcity)
T/F HCW should use precautions to reduce contact when administering? True
T/F Nebulize antibiotics should be administered under containment conditions? True
Antibiotics Nebulized is known as.... Nebupent
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