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Med List 5-6

what are they used for

bipolar disorder,agitation depression,sch,zophrenia Zeprexa
inhibits conversion of testosterone/dihydrotestosterone large prostate gland dutasteride
treats pain inflammation and fever Naprosyn
anti-ulcer zollinger ellison syndrome to much acid erosive esophagtis pantoprazole
BPH benign prostatic hyperthrophy/hyperplasia relaxes smooth bladder muscle Flomax
eye allergies olopatadine
metoprolol tartarate(L) metoprolol succinate (T)xl Lopressor/Toprol
treats osteoprorosis ibandronate
lowers blood pressure vasodialator/vasodilaition (ARB) Avapro
take for five days last for ten azithromycin
antibiotic used the treat bacterial infections affecting the skin and respiratory system Biaxin
Anti inflammatory, Asthma fluticasone
rescue inhaler/asthma ipratropium/albuteral
(Ent) ears nose and throat used before dental appt Amoxil
used for GI infections stds Flagyl
(MMD) major depressive disorder selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) escitalopram
used for glaucoma latanoprost
seizure disorders or anxiety Schedule IV Klonopin
used for alzheimers Memantine
slows frequency to urinate (over active bladder) tolterodine
Created by: ladytee320