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Body Mechanics


blanch to become pale
compression the act of pressing upon or together
friction the act of rubbing together
urination the discharge of urine from the bladder
decubitus ulser a pressure sore or ulser
catheter a hollow flexible tube that can be inserted into a vessel or cavity of the body to withdraw fluids
debility lack or loss of strength
fluoroscope a device used for immediate projection of a radiographic image
ambulatory walking or able to walk
atrophy decrease in the size of the organ, tissue or muscle
chronic obstruction pulmonary disease COPD a progressive and irreversible condition that produces diminished inspiration and expiratory lung capacity
debility lack or loss of strength; weakness
defecation evacuation or elimination of fecal matter from the rectum
dyspnea labored or difficult breathing
fluoroscope a device used for the immediate projection of a radiographic image on a fluorescent screen for visual examination
friction the act of rubbing
hydrotherapy the use of water immersion in the treatment of various mental or physical disorders
intravenous infusion administrating fluid or nutrients into the vein
sedative a drug used to calm anxious and disturbed patients and to produce drowsiness
tissue necrosis localized death of tissue due to injury or lack of oxygen
ulceration an area of tissue necrosis that penetrates below the epidermis; excavation of the of the surface of any body organ
immobile patients cannot move or assist in transfer procedures
supine on back
prone on stomach
lateral on side
fowlers head higher than feet
trendelenberg feet higher than head
sims on side, right leg extended with left leg semi flexed
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