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BMO Review- Anatomy

BMO Review- Anatomy and Positioning

how many interphalangeal joints in each hand? 9
how many metacarpals in each hand? 5
how many phalanges in each hand? 14
how many carpal bones in each wrist? 8
proximal row of carpal bones starting at the lateral (thumb) side scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, pisiform
distal row of carpal bones starting at the lateral (thumb )side trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, hamate
largest carpal bone capitate
most frequently fractured carpal bone scaphoid
bones of the forearm radius and ulna
which forearm bone is the lateral radius
which forearm bone is medial ulna
which forearm bone is longer ulna
radial head articulates with capitulum of humerus
how many views of the forearm are there? 2 PA and lateral
radiographic views of the hand PA, oblique, lateral
when the hand is in the PA position, what position is the thumb in? oblique
when the hand is in the lateral position, what position is the thumb in? PA
what is the purpose of the oblique hand radiograph visualize interphalangeal joints
what is the purpose of the ulnar deviation view of the wrist visualization of the scaphoid
what are we looking for in a lateral wrist view? displacement of the carpal bones
what is visualized in the external rotation of the elbow? the radial head
when the arm is extended and the epicondyles are parallel to the film, and the CR is in the center of the antecubital fossa which radiographic view is this? AP elbow
what is being visualized in the internal oblique view of the elbow coronoid process
when is it appropriate to do the trans-thoracic Lawrence method of the shoulder? trauma, when the patient cannot move their arm
what is being visualized in the AP humerus? the greater tubercle
what are the structures shown on the lateral humerus? lesser tubercle
AP neutral shoulder hand pronated, palm against thigh. NO tubercles visualized
AP internal rotation shoulder internal rotation of arm, back of hand against thigh, lesser tubercle visualized
AP external rotation shoulder external rotation of arm, pinky touchin thigh, greater tubercle vizualized
AP scapula elbow abducted and flexed at 90 degrees, CR mid scapula
lateral scapula scapular Y on xray. patient positioned with arm behind back or across chest grabbing opposite shoulder
where is the CR for an AP clavicle? mid clavicle
how many degrees do we angle the tube for an AP axial clavicle? 15-30 degrees
what is the purpose of the AP axial clavicle view? to project the clavicle above the ribs
AC joints; AP with and without weights, what's the purpose of this? to show dislocation of the joint
how many interphalangeal joints in each foot? 9
how many metatarsals in each foot? 5
how many phalanges in each foot? 14
how many tarsal bones in each foot? 7
which projection best demonstrates the patella and femoral articulation? lateral view of the knee
which position of the elbow demonstrates the radial head without superimposition of the ulna? external oblique elbow
what is necessary to take a decubitus xray horizontal xray beam
what is the purpose of the decubitus xray air / fluid levels
what is the degree of medial rotation of the ankle for the Mortise view 15-20 degrees
when positioning the patient for a lateral elbow xray, describe the body position elbow flexed to 90 degrees, armpit ON THE TABLE, thumb up
what structures are best demonstrated in the scapular Y xray body of scapula with no superimposition by ribs, acromion or cocacoid.
the condition in which air enters the pleural cavity and the lung collapses pneumothorax
sneezing or coughing is which type of disease transmission? droplet