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Med Terms 3

S1U3 SJC Hoang PtCare

You know this oneSee?
brachi arm
bucco cheek
calci calcium
carcin cancer
cardi heart
caud tail
celi abdomen
cheil lip
cephal head
cerebro brain
cerv neck
chemo chemical
chiro hand
chole bile
chondr cartilage
chyme juice
cirrho orange-yellow
claudicat limp
coagul to clot
colo colon
colpo vagina
comat deep sleep
concuss shaken violently
coni dust
constipat to press together
cor pupil
corpor body
cost rib
cox hip
crani skull
creatin flesh, creatine
crine to secrete
cyro cold
crypt hidden
cyto cell
cysto bladder, sac
dacry tear
dactyl finger or toe
denti tooth
derm skin
duro dura, hard
echo echo
ectop displaced
ego self
embol to cast, to throw
eme to vomit
encephal brain
enter intestine
gastr stomach
hem blood
hepat liver
hyster uterus
leuk white
lith stone
nephr kidney
osteo bone
phren diaphragm
pneum air
pyel pelvis (renal)
radi ray
strict to tighten
superfic near the surface
surrog substitute
systol contraction
therm heat
tox poison
trich hair
troph turning
tuss cough
umbilic naval
ungo nail
varico twisted vein
vas, vaso vessel
vector carrier
vermi worm
vesic bladder
vesicul seminal vesicle
viscer organ
xantho yellow
xero dry
abort to miscarry
acanth thorn
acoust hearing
acro extremity, point
adeno gland
adhes stuck to
adip fat
adreno adrenal gland
albin white
ambul to walk
amputat to cut through
andro man
angio vessel
ankyl stiffening, crooked
arachn spider
arche beginning
arterio artery
arth joint
aspirat to draw in
atelo imperfect
athero fatty substance
axill arm pit
bio life
blepharo eyelid
Created by: paigeduh