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Fundamentals Unit 4

SPC Fundamentals Unit 4 Exam 3

GMW (Gram Molecular Weight) of O2 (Oxygen) 32
GAW (Gram Atomic Weight) of O2 (Oxygen) 16
Density of O2 1.43g/L
What is the boiling Point of O2? -183 Degree C -297 Degrees F Liquid to Gas @ 1 ATM
1cuft of liquid O2 converts to how much cuft of gas O2? 860 Cubic ft of gaseous O2
1 cuft of gas O2 converts to how many liters of gas? 28.3L of gas
E Cylinder 22cuft=623L
H Cylinder 244cuft=6905L
Cylinder Color of O2 (Oxygen) Green
Cylinder Color of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Gray
Cylinder Color of He (Helium) Brown
Cylinder Color of N2 (Nitrogen) Black
Cylinder Color of N2O (Nitrous Oxide) Blue
Cylinder Color of He/O2 (Heliox) Brown/Green
NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) Regulates storage & handling of cylinders and central-supply gas and piping
DOT (Department of Transportation) Regulates Cylinder construction, testing, and transport
CGA (Compressed Gas Association) Sets all the safety standards of ASSS, DISS, & PISS
FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Sets medical gas purity standards
Gas index ASSS American Standard Safety System
Gas index DISS Diameter Index Safety System
Gas index PISS Pin Index Safety System
3 Types of Regulators Preset, Adjustable, or Multiple Stage
Preset Regulator Spring tension is preset to maintain constant pressure 2200-50psi
Adjustable Regulator A threaded hand control attached to spring allows one to adjust pressure 2200-100psi
Multi-Stage Regulator 2-3 single stage valves to gradually decrease pressure Ultimately reduced to 50psi (Used in labs only for precise pressure)
Bourdon Gauge Pressure gauge in conjunction w/ a regulator Reads in Liters/Min Gravity does not affect operation Downstream resistance causes gauge to read INACCURATELY HIGH
Duration of flow calculation? (PSI x (Cylinder Factor))/Flow
E-Cylinder Factor 0.28
H-Cylinder Factor 3.14
Bulk Liquid System Large Container contains 20,000 cuft of O2 Pressure <250psi Temp <-118.8C Converts to gas passing through vaporized coils @ ambient temperature
Portable Liquid Two units for home care: Reservoir "Stationary Unit" (40L of O2) Portable "Small for Ambulatory" (5-8hrs of O2 @2 L/M)
1lb of liquid O2 converts to what L of gas? 344 L of gaseous O2
Why is PISS important? PISS uses 6 different positions that provide 10 different combinations to connect yoke regulators to stem cylinders
Possible PISS combinations? 10
Oxygen pin positions? (PISS) 2-5
Air pin positions? (PISS) 1-5
PISS Cylinder Size Range E-AA
PISS Pressure Range Up to 2200psi
Why is DISS important? A threaded "male" body is MATCHED to a "female" inlet port of a specific diameter.
Where is DISS located? Central Piping & Flowmeter Outlets
Possible DISS connections? 12
DISS Pressure Range Less than 200psi
Why is ASSS important? Threaded outlet from the stem of the G,H,K cylinders is matched to the hex nut of the regulator
O2 Fittings of ASSS .903(Bore)-14(Threaded/inch) Right-Hand External
ASSS Pressure Range Up to 2200psi
Oxygen Concentrators Function Electrically powered units that use molecular sieves which contain Zeolite to absorb N2/H2O/CO2 from air.
T/F O2 Concentrators cannot deliver 100% O2? True
With O2 Concentrator @ 6L/m expect...? 92%-97% O2 delivered
Portable O2 Concentrators Deliver FIO2 >.30% via Pulse Dose (ml/sec) Weight > 10lbs
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