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Russia terms

Icebreakers Ships that are designed to break thick sheets of ice on the open sea
Taiga Forest A very large forest mostly of evergreen trees that covers much of Russia
People who originally settled what is now Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Slavs
Scandinavian traders from 800 ad. who settled in the region of Russia, Northern Eurasia and Central Asia Rus
Czar The name for King in Russia
Serfs The poorest class of people in Russia pre revolution
Abdicate To give up ones throan
The group that overthrew the czars in Russia and established communism and the USSR Bolsheviks
Soviets The people who passed laws and made decisions on the local level in the USSR
A network of labor camps in the Ural mountains The Gulag
Shatter Belt The Geographical term for an area of frequent boundary changes
An industry that focuses on the production of consumer goods such as clothing or house ware Light Industry
An industry that focuses on manufacturing based on metals Heavy Industry
Zinc is an important element found in what region Central Asia
Nomads People who do not settle but move constantly
The geographical term for the process of nomads move heard because of seasonal weather changes trahshumance
monoculture The cultivation of one crop in a given area
Dry Land Farming Farming that relies on rainfall instead of irrigation
Created by: Coach Hilton