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Intro to Clinic

Midterm Study Guide

Refers to the distribution and determinants of disease. Epidemiology
Approximate total cumulative dose for curative radiation therapy. 60Gy 6000cGy
Approximate total cumulative dose for palliative care. 30Gy 3000cGy
Protraction Length of time it takes to deliver the prescribed dose.
Fractionation Amount of dose per treatment.
Professional society for radiation therapists. ASRT
Credentialing body for radiation therapists. ARRT
Fractions to deliver 63Gy at 180cGy per fx. 35 fractions
Weeks to deliver 63Gy at 180cGy. 7 weeks
How many cGy is 63Gy? 6300cGy
63Gy, 180cGy fractions. What will be the dose after 17 fx? 3060cGy
2 weekly responsibilities of the radiation therapist to document. Port films See doctor
Refers to the study of the cause of disease. Etiology
Refers to an abnormal blood condition with a decrease in wbc's. Leukocytosis
Part of the cell site of protein formation. Endoplasmic reticulum
Genes that support the growth and development of tumors. Oncogenes
Not an epithelial cell. Fiber
Epithelial cells Squamous, Transitional, Columnar
Term refers to symptoms that continue over a long time period. Chronic
High wbc count. Leukemia
Governs ethics. Professional codes, patient's bill of rights, technical practice
Does not govern ethics. Popular science
The foundation of law is: ethics
Moral ethics are based on: Right and wrong
Name an ethical principle. Justice
Confidentiality, truth telling, and beneficence Ethical characteristics
A tort falls under what: Civil law
Res ipsa loquitur means: The thing speaks for itself.
The ethical theory group that evaluates an activity by weighing good against bad. Teleology
The ethical model that identifies the caregiver as a scientist dealing only with the facts and does not consider the human aspect of the patient. Engineering
Which model presents a more cooperative method of pursuing health care for patients and providers than the others? Collegial
Core beliefs concerning what is desirable and that help assess the work of intangibles are called. Values
Informed consent must be secured: In writing
Consent to release a patient's health care records must be secured: In writing
Copies of incident reports should be: Sent to the office of risk management.
The acronym for HIPAA stands for: Health Information Portability and Accountability Act
Hypersthenic Habitus Heavy skeletal framework. Abdomen is long with great capacity. Alimentary tract is high, and the stomach is almost thoracic.
Sthenic Habitus Considerable weight with heavy skeletal framework. Alimentary tract is high, but with stomach located slightly lower in trunk.
Hyposthenic Habitus Average physique. Abdominal cavity falls between the sthenic and asthenic.
Asthenic Habitus Slender physique. Heart seems to hang in the thoracic cavity. Abdomen longer and pelvis has greater capacity.
JRCERT Accredit our program at the school.
Protraction The whole time it takes to deliver
Curative 60Gy
Palliative 30Gy
ASRT Professional Society of Radiation Therapists
ARRT Sets the requirements for clinical competency, written the board exam. They register us and allow us to treat.
Collimator moves... clockwise and counterclockwise
What organs are contained in the RUQ
Give examples of IGRT CT, kv, mv, ultrasound
What is the rationale for IGRT? Greatly improves IMRT. Improves accuracy.
Describe Interfraction Between treatments.
Describe intrafraction Within the treatment.
Give examples of intrafraction variances.
Created by: amy wiseman
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