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Lit Test 2 Objective

Harlem Renaissance, Hughes, Hurston, Miller, Cullen, Misc Welles + "Kane"

~Countee Cullen
Birth name of Countee cullen Countee LeRoy Porter
Birthdate of Countee Cullen May 30, 1903
Birthplace of countee Cullen NYC or Louisville or Baltimore
Who raised Countee Cullen? Why? Raised by grandma because mom abandoned her
Where and when did Countee Cullen move to as a child? Harlem in 1912
Who adopted Countee Cullen? When? Rev. Frederick Cullen in 1918. Rev. Cullen was an activist for Afr. Amer. rights
Counte Cullen Education Dewitt Clinton High (mainly white student body) + NYU (1921-25) + Masters @ Harvard (1926)
Countee Cullen first work? 1921 "I Have a Rendezvous with Life"
Countee Cullen first spouse Nina Yolanda DuBois in 1929 (daughter of W.E.B. DuBois) + Divorce 1930
Countee Cullen second spouse Ida Robinson 1940
Countee Cullen death 1946 of high blood pressure
Countee Cullen lit style Models Keets with traditional writing style; hella religion, romantic ideals, advocate of racial equality
Countee Cullen notable works 1925: "Color" + 1927: "Copper Sun" + 1929: "Black Christ"
~Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller birthdate October 17, 1915
Arthur Miller birthplace NYC
Arthur Miller education Abraham Lincoln HS (1932) + U of Michigan (1934, grad in 1938)
Arthur Miller Broadway attempts "The Man who had all the Luck" first Bway and failed (1940 written, 1944 performed) + "All my Sons" (1947) + "Death of a Salesman" epic win (1949)
Arthur Miller wives Mary Slattery (1940-1956) + Marilyn Monroe (1956-1961) + Inge Morath (1962-2002)
Arthur Miller death date 2005
~Langston Hughes
Langston Hughes birth name James Langston Hughes
Langston Hughes birth date February 1, 1902
Langston Hughes birth place Joplin, Missouri
Langston Hughes ancestry Abolitionist family, great grandson of Charles Henry Langston, who's bro was John Mercer Langston, who was first Afr Amer to publ office in 1855
Langston Hughes parent trouble, who raised? Parents divorced @ young age, father moved to mexico. raised by g-ma Mary Sampson Patterson Leary Langston until 13. @ 13, g-ma dies, Langston moves to Lincoln, Illinois to live with mom and stepdad. Begins writing poetry
Langston Hughes Education Cntral High School (Wrote for Central High Monthly; Class Poet; wrote jazz poetry: "When Sue wears Red" ; teacher intro'd to Carl Sandberg, Walt Whitman; Jr. year: summer w/ dad in Toluca, Mexico. didn't go well) + Columbia Univ for 1 year w/ papa paying
Langston Hughes Education II Lincoln Univ in Pennsylvania to finish school (1926; funded by Charlotte Osgood Mason)
Langston Hughes Misc Write for "New Masses", a commie journal + Sailed to USSR in 1932 + "Chicago Defender" (1942) + Money hard until musical "Street Scene" (1947)
Langston Hughes Works "Ngr Spks of Rvrs" (1921 in "The Crisis" + in Wry Bls vlm)+"The Weary Blues"(1925, 1st in Opprtnty mag...1926 vlm)+"Fine Clths 2 Jew" (1927, no $, but critics <3)+novel "Not Without Laughter" (under Mason)+"Montage of a Dream Deferred" (famous, 1951
~Zora Neale Hurston
Hurston birthdate 1891
Hurston birthplace/growing up place Born in Notasulga, Alabama; moved to Eatonville, Florida (all black town)
Hurston shit went down 1902 Mom dies, dad remarries, Zora no have home, ergo, joins theatre troupe to survive while getting edu
Hurston Education Public all life + Howard Univ (anthropology)
Hurston Education II Moves 2 Harlem, secretary + Scholarship to Barnard College (studies under Franz Boas, grad in 1927 w/ fellowship for oral tradition, studies voodoo in Jamaica)
Hurston Later Life dirt poor, returns to Florida, can't afford grave, dies in 1960
Hurston Works "How it Feels to be Colored Me" (1928) + "Their Eyes Were Watching God" (1937)
Hurston Themes Stresses individuality, doesn't uplift race b/c already believes it's great
Created by: tim.reynolds11