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rad bio final 39-40

rad bio ch 39-40 for final

ESE entrance skin dose, patient dose measured with a TLD
how accurate is a TLD? within +/- 5%
what is the average ESE for flouro? 4 R/min
MMD mean marrow dose, measures average dose to entire active bone marrow
MMD average in the US populations 100 mrad/yr
GSD gentically significant dose, gonad dose.
term for the dose which if recieved by the entire population would produce total genetic effects GSD
GSD for diagnostic x-rays 20 mrad/yr
ESE for mammo 800 mR per view
glandular dose (Dg) dose recieved to breast tissue in mammo, 15% of ESE
full body scan yields how many rad? 4,000 to 6,000 mrad
name the 6 ways to reduce pt dose minimize unnecessary exams, no repeats, use high kV and low mA, use a fast IR, proper positioning, shield
period of major organigenesis for enbryo wk 2-10
early effects for embryo weeks 2-10 skeletal
late effects for embryo weeks 2-10 neurologic
if a response occurs during 2nd and 3rd trimester, what response is most likely? childhood malignancy
whats steps must be taken if am exposure is made on a pregnant woman? estimate fetal dose, determine gestation stage, consider termination, consider 10-25 rad rule
MPD maximum permissabe dose, small risk
how do we calculate cumulative lifetime exposure? 10 MSV X age or 1000 mrem X age
occupational dose limit for the lens of the eye 150 mSV or 15 rem
occupational dose limit annual effective dose 50 mSV or 5000mrem
occupational dose limit thyroid, skin, feet 500 mSV or 50 rem
litmus test anyone at risk of recieving 1/10 of the DL (500rem) will be given a dosimiter
whole body dose limit for public or student under 18 years 1mSV or 100 mrem
lens of eye dose limit for public or student under 18 years 15 mSV or 1500 mrem
whole body dose limit for public infrequent exposure 500 mrem
skin dose dose limit for public or student under 18 years 50 mSV or 500 mrem
embryo or fetal exposure dose limit for gestational period 5 mSV or 500 mrem
embryo or fetal exposure dose limit per month .5 mSV or 50 mrem
formula for exposure rate X time ex. 250mR/hr X 2.5 min
film badge - accuracy and time limits under 10mrem, 1 month
TLD - accuracy and time limits to 5mrem, up to 2 years
OSL - accuracy and time limits to 1mrem, up to 2 years
effective DL for RT 50 mSV
background raditation = 1 mSV or 100 mrem/yr
Created by: annaluz87