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rad bio quiz 3

rad bio ch 36 quiz questions

true or false : lung cancer was obsereved in thorotrast contract patients between 1925-1945? true
true or false: there is strong evidence of radiation induced genetic effects in humans false
what is the latent period for radiation induced leukemia? 4-7 years
the latent period range for radiation induced cataracts is: 5-30 years (average is 15 years)
the BIER committee concluded that less than how many rad per year may be harmful? one
what type of dose relationship do radiation induced cataracts follow? nonlinear threshhold
what type of effects is seen with radiation exposure to a fetus in the later part of weeks 2-10? neurologic
is cataracts an acute local tissue affect? no
what populations has leukemia been observed in? radiologists, ankylosing spondylitis patients
stochastic radiation damage with likelihood if causing a late effect
according toe the "3 mile island" incident, how many extra cancer deaths were there? one
radiation induced skin cancer follows what type of curve? threshhold
Created by: annaluz87