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Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush

49ers The people who were gold diggers in 1849
William Travis Texas commander at the Battle of the Alamo
Stephen Austin American leader of colonization in Texas, known as the Father of Texas
Brigham Young He led the Mormons to Utah and colonized it.
William Becknell An American soldier, trader, and politican. He established the Sante Fe trade, which helped open the southwest to settlement.
James Beckwourth An American frontiers man who discovered Beckwourth Pass in Sierra Neveda.
Zachery Taylor His nickname was "old rough and ready" He was also the 12th president in 1849
James Polk The 11th president and was a strong believer in the Manifest Destiny and he overrode Whig objections and was responsible for the second-largest expansion of the nation's territory.
Mountain Men The men were Jim Bridger,Kit Carson,Thomas Fitzpatrick, and Jediah Smith. They were men who discovered the Rocky Mountains and were fur traders.
Sam Houston governor of two states, president of the Republic of Texas, U.S. senator, and military hero.
Oregon The Oregon Territory was created in 1848 after American settlement began.
Sante Fe During the 1800s, the Santa Fe Trail took people and goods back and forth between Independence, Missouri and Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Trails you will need to know- Nauvoo, Cimarron Cutoff, California Trail, Mormon, and the Main Rivers.
Independence Santa Fe Trail left from here, so did the California Trail. GO HERE TO SEE THE TRAILS
Mexican Cession is a historical name for the region of the present day southwestern United States that was ceded to the U.S. by Mexico in 1848 under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which ended the Mexican-American War.
Gadsen Purchase region of what is today southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico that was purchased by the United States in a treaty.
Republic of Texas Claimed texas as the United States land and declared the borders that we have today.
Alamo is the most famous battle of the Texas Revolution. After a revolutionary army of Texian settlers from the United States drove all Mexican troops out of Mexican Texas, Mexican President Antonio Lopez led an invasion to regain control of the area.
War with Mexico was an armed conflict between the United States and Mexico from 1846 to 1848 in the wake of the 1845 U.S. annexation of Texas. Mexico claimed ownership of Texas as a breakaway province and refused to recognize the secession.
California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848, when gold was discovered by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill, in Coloma, California.[1] News of the discovery soon spread, resulting in some 300,000 people coming to California from the rest of the United States and abroad
Bear Flag Revolt The California Bear Flag was first raised in Sonoma, California in 1846 by rebellious white settlers, who declared independence for California, in what came to be known as the Bear Flag revolt.
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