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EUP ch14 mod 46text

Essentials of Understanding Psychology 7th ed.questions from text mod 46

List the important factors that lead to liking/loving another person proximity,repeated exposure,similarity,physical attractiveness
What are the two main types of love Passionate and companionate
Who is Robert Sternberg? Psychologist who proposes 3 parts to the state of love-
What are the 3 parts of love proposed by Sternberg? decision, intimacy component,passion component
Most psychologist define aggression in terms of what intent and the purpose behind the behavior
Who was one of the first to suggest that aggression is a primary instinctual drive Sigmund Freud
Who expanded on Freuds aggression theory by arguing that humans have a fighting instinct which in earlier times ensured protection of food supplies and weeded out the weaker of the species Konrad Lorenz (an ethologist)
What is an ethologist? a scientist who studies animal behavior
Name the three approaches to aggression Instinct- proposed by Freud,Lorenz Observational Learning Approaches (learn aggression) Frustration-Aggression (aggression out of frustration, event related)
Who developed the model of prosocial behavior that involves 4 steps about the process of helping others Latane' and Darley (1970)
What are the 4 steps in the model for the process of helping others noticing a person,event or situation that may need help, interpreting the event as one that needs help, assuming responsibility for helping,deciding and implementing the form of helping
what is empathy? a personality trait in which someone observing another person expereiences the emotions of that person
What are 4 ways to deal with anger or frustrations look at the situation from the perspective of others, minimize the importance of the situation, fantasize about getting even BUT DON'T act on it, Relax
What are the negative consequences of ignoring your anger may experience self-condemnation, frustration, or even become ill.
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