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Mod 32 Ch 10 EUP

Essentials of Understanding Psychology 7th ed mod 32 ch 10

What is the Trait theory? A model of personality that seeks to identify the basic traits necessary to describe personality.
What are traits? Consistent personality characteristics and behaviors displayed in different situations.
What are Social cognitive approaches to personality? Theories that emphasize the influence of a person's cognitions-thoughts, feelings,expectations,and values-as well as observation of others' behavior, in determining personality.
What is Self-efficacy? Belief in one's personal capabilities. Self-efficacy underlies people's faith in their ability to carry out a particular behavior or produce a desired outcome.
What is Self-esteem? The component of personality that encompasses our positive and negative self-evaluations.
What are Biological and evolutionary approaches to personality? Theories that suggest that important components of personality are inherited.
What is a Temperament? The innate disposition that emerges early in life.
What are the Humanistic approaches to personality? Theories that emphasize people's innate goodness and desire to achieve higher levels of functioning.
What is a Unconditional positive regard? An attitude of acceptance and respect on the part of an observer, no matter what a person says or does.
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