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Spine Anatomy

The Last Lecture

What are the quiet inspiratory muscles? Diaphragm, External intercostals
What are the forced(also called secondary/accessory) inspiratory muscles?(there are 7) SCM, Scalenes, pec major minor, serratus anterior, serratus posterior superior, upper iliocostalis
What are the primary expiratory muscles? internal intercostals
What are the secondary expiratory muscles?(6 of them) Internal oblique, external oblique, rectus abdominus, lower iliocostalis, lower longissimus, serratus posterior inferior
How many pairs of thoracic spinal nerves are there? 12
What supplies innervation to the bones, joints, muscles, and skin of the posterior thorax? DR
What form the intercostal nerves? VR T1-T11
What forms the subcostal nerve? VR T12
What connects the intercostal nerves to the sympathetic trunk? Gray and White communicating rami
What is located in the intercostal grooves of the ribs and has collateral branches supply the intercostal muscles? intercostal nerve
What splits into lateral and anterior cutaneous branches? intercostal nerve
What gives rise to the posterior cutaneous branch? intercostal nerve
What condition results form pathology of the intercostal nerves? Herpes Zoster(shingles)
The posterior intercostal and subcostal arteries branch off of the _______. Thoracic Aorta
The internal thoracic and superior intercostal are branches of which artery? Subclavian artery
The superior and lateral thoracic are branches of which artery? Axillary
The posterior intercostal branches off of the ______ and supply blood to the _________ muscles and ______. thoracic aorta, intercostal, skin
The internal thoracic branches from the _________ artery and gives rise to the ________ _________ _________. Subclavian, Anterior intercostal arteries
What kind of joint is the TMJ? modified hinge synovial joint
What divides the TMJ into 2 separate compartments? the articular disc
What 2 mvmts occur in the superior compartment of the TMJ? protrusion and retrusion
What 2 mvmts occur in the inferior compartment of the TMJ? elevation and depression
What ligament strengthens the TMJ laterally? Temporomandibular ligament
What ligament runs from the styloid process to the angle of the mandible? stylomandibular ligament
What ligament does not contribute significantly to the strength of the TMJ, but primarily limits protrusion? Stylomandibular ligament
What ligament runs from the spine of the sphenoid to the medial surface (lingula) of the mandible? sphenomandibular ligament
Primary passive support of the mandible is provided by which ligament? sphenomandibular ligament
What are the muscles of mastication?(there are 4) Masseter, Temporalis, Medial pterygoid, Lateral pterygoid
Created by: txst spr 2009