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Pharm Unit 12

SPC Pharmacology Unit 12 Exam 4

Antihistimines *Acts as H1 receptor antagonist, *reduces allergic response, may cause sleepiness and reduce edema, spasm, itch, runny nose
Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Agents are used? to prevent degranualization of mast cells
3 Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Agents are? Tilade, Intal, Zaditen
Tilade Mast Cell Stabilizer 2-4 days noted improvement
Intal Mast Cell Stabilizer May take weeks Immediate noted improvement
Zaditen Mast Cell Stabilizer
3 Mast Cell Stabilizer Tilade, Intal, Zaditen
Intal Applications DPI 20mg MDI QID 2puffs 1mg/puff Nebulizer QID 20mg in 2ml purified water
IgE antibody is known to promote asthma and its production is dependent on interlukin-4
IgE reaction chain promotes anibody synthesis binds to mast cells makes mast cell sensitive to antigen IgE # increase and bridge to each other
Leukotrienes Produced by eosinophiles and other cells cause airway edema promote bronchospasm and inflammation increase mucus production
Accolate LT receptor antagonist PO (by mouth) 20mg BID (twice a day)
Accolate Side-effects Nausea Diarrhea Pulmonary Infections
Singulair LT Receptor Antagonist tablets/granuals children >1 year
Zyflo 5-lipoxygenase acts to interrupt synthesis of LT's PO (by mouth) 600mg QID (4 times a day)
Zyflo Side-effects liver toxicity abdominal pain increases theophylline serum levels, needs reduced dose by 50%
Xolair Antagonist- binds to and limit degranulization of mast cells maintenance drug for moderate to severe asthma
Xolair Adverse-Effects viral infections upper respiratory tract infection headache pharyngitis
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