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Peri vocab 5

WillWallace Perinatology ch 5 vocab

acrocyanosis condition in the newborn characterized by a cyanotic discolorization of the hands and feet, aka peripheral acrocyanosis of the newborn
alae nasi external border at opening of nasal passage, cartilaginous, maintains patency of nasal opening during spont breathing
anencephaly genetic defect in which brain and spinal cord are absent, cranium is open, vertebral canal remains a groove
caput succedaneum localized pitting edema found in the scalp of a newborn that may overlie sutures, results from press of cervix on fetal head, not dangerous, last a few days
Doppler change in frequency when a sound is emitted by an object moving toward or away an observer, Doppler scanner-ultrasonic waves reflected from moving (heart) yield info about the structure
fontanelle space on a newborn cranium between cranial bones, covered by tough membrane
hydrocephaly a pathologic condition characterized by abnormal accumulation of cerebral fluid with in the cranial vault-results in dilated ventricals
hyperpnea deep, labored or rapid respiration
hypopnea shallow or slow respiration
lanugo fine, downy hair that covers fetal body, appears at 26 weeks, thins at 28, starts to disappear at 32, gone by 40
methacholine cholinergic, aerosolized and used to confirm asthma
murmur low pitched fluttering or humming heard just before, during or after the normal heart sounds
paradoxical situation or occurrence in which the outcome is the opposite of what is expected
pinna cartilage portion of the external ear
pleural iffusion abnormal fluid in the pleural space, transudate-protein free (from tissue), exudate-high protein ( from blood vascular)
pneumotachograph instrument that measures velocity of expired velocity of gas flows
rugae ridges or folds of skin, found in stomach and mature male scrotum
scaphoid sunken anterior abdominal wall
thoracic gas volume volume of gas in the thorax as measured by the body plethysmograph, may or may not include conductive airway gas
vernix off white cheese-like substance that covers the skin of the fetus and newborn, composed of sebaceous gland secretions, lanugo and epithelial cells, thermoregulation and passage through canal
Created by: williamwallace