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Navy Civil War

Navy Contribution during the Civil War

The Battle of ____________ was the most significant naval battle of the war. Hampton Roads
The first state to secede from the union was______________. South Carolina
The South's largest and most significant port was __________________. New Orleans
The siege of ____________ ended Confederate control of the Mississippi. Vicksburg
"Damn the Torpedoes...Full Speed" was spoken by _______________. Farragut
John Ericsson built this famous navy vessel Monitor
The first submarine to sink a warship was the CSS _________________. Hunley
The most successful commerce raider of the war, with over 60 vessel captures, was the CSS _______________. Alabama
The Union naval strategy was primarily to ____________ Southern ports. blockade
The only large-scale joint amphibious operation of the was was against _________________. Fort Fisher
The steam frigate USS Merrimack was converted by the South into an ironclad called the CSS Virginia
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