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Psych 1010- Test #1

Chapters 1-3

What is the study of the nervous system called? Neuroscience
When referring to the brain, what is plasticity? The brain's vast capacity for modification and change
Afferent Nerves do what? Carry information to the brain
Efferent Nerves do what? Carry information to the brain and spinal cord
This is made up of nerve cells and integrates sensory input and motor output Neural Networks
Integration is what? The brain's ability to take all the information from all the senses to make sense of the environment.
What is the body's electrochemical communication system called? Nervous System
The Central Nervous System is comprised of what? Brain and Spinal Cord
The Peripheral Nervous System consists of what? The nerves that connect the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body
What are the two subsystems in the Peripheral Nervous System? Somatic Nervous System and Autonomic Nervous System
What two systems are part of the Autonomic Nervous System? Sympathetic Nervous System and Parasympathetic Nervous System
The Sympathetic Nervous System does what? Prepares a person for a stressful situation (Fight)
The Parasympathetic Nervous System does what? Calms the body down after a stressful situation (Flight)
What is momentary stress called? Acute Stress
What is stress that occurs continuously called? Chronic Stress
What are the nerve cells called that control the information-processing function? Neurons
What are Neurotransmitters? They are neurochemical messengers- they carry electrical information
What are low levels of GABA involved in? Anxiety
Low levels of Dopamine are associated with what? Parkinson's Disease
Depression is associated with low levels of what? Serotonin
What is a drug that mimics a neurotransmitter called? Agonist
What is a drug that blocks a neurotransmitter called? Antagonist
What system consists of glands that regulate certain organs by releasing their chemical products/hormones into the bloodstream? Endocrine System
What is a persons genetic heritage called? Genotype
How many chromosomes should each person have? 46/23 pairs
What is Selective Breeding? Occurs when organisms are chosen for reproduction based on a particular trait they display.
What is Sensation? The process through which the senses detect environmental stimuli and transmit it to the brain.
What is Perception? The process by which the brain actively organizes and interprets the information that is sent to the brain.
What is the type of processing called in which information from the external environment is registered and send to the brain for interpretation? Bottom-pp Processing
What is the type of processing called that occurs at higher levels and includes the information that a person is already familiar with? Top-down Processing
What are the receptors call that detect and transmit information to the sensory nerves in the brain? Sensory Receptors
What is the minimum amount of energy needed for a person to detect something (noise, taste, touch, etc.) Absolute Threshold
What is the difference that must exist between two stimuli in order the difference can be detected? Difference Threshold
What is "Weber's Law"? Its the idea that two stimuli must different by a constant minimum percentage, to be perceived as different. Ex. 20 candles vs. 100.
A predisposition to perceive something in a particular way is a what? Perceptual Set
What is Gestalt Psychology? It it the belief that the "whole is more than the sum of its parts" and believes this is how people naturally organize perceptions.
What is a neurotransmittesr that functions as a natural opiate in producing pleasure and pain? Endorphins
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