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Sims review

Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Pneumothorax, Guillian-Barre, Myasthenia Gravis

What is the primary structure that undergoes change in Chronic Bronchitis? The conducting airways
In Chronic Bronchitis the ______ _____ are enlarged bronchial glands
What bacteria is found in the tracheobronchial tree of patients with chronic bronchitis? H-Influenza and Streptococcus
In a PFT, a patient will show a (increase/decrease) in Expiratory Reserve Volume? Decreased ERV
What is the trade name of the sympathomimetic agent albuterol? Proventil and Ventolin
What is the trade name of the parasympatholytic agent ipratropium bromide? Atrovent
What is produced by bronchspasms, a cardinal finding of bronchial asthma and usually heard as high-pitched sounds? Wheezing
Which abnormal breathing pattern is associated with diabetic acidosis? Kussmal's respiration
What 4 things are associated with digital clubbing? Chronic infection,local hypoxia, vasodilators and arterial hypoxia
Which muscles inserts into the xiphoid process and into the 5th, 6th and 7th ribs? Rectus abdominis muscle
Which muscles originate from the clavicle? Sternocleidomastoid and Pectoralis major
Which of the following would a dull percussion note be heard? Pleural Effusion, Atelectasis, Consolidation or Pneumothorax Pleural Effusion, Atelectasis, & Consolidation
What 3 things are associated with stridor? High pitched sound, Obstruction in the trachea and Glotic edema
Signs of inadequate oxygenation (3)? intercostal retractions, increased energy, combativeness or cyanosis Intercostal retractions, combativeness and cyanosis
Which pulse would a RT palpate on a patient during a code? Carotid
Diminished breath sounds can be heard in which of the following disease process? COPD, Pleural effusion,Guillian-Barre, or CHF COPD, Pleural effusion and Guillian-Barre
What is another name for Acute Alveolar Hyperventilation Respiratory Alkalosis
Another name for Acute Ventilatory Failure Respiratory acidosis
4 respiratory diseases associated with chronic ventilatory failure Chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis
Common causes of metabolic acidosis lactic acidosis (exercise)ketoacidosis (diabetes)renal failuredehydrationchronic diarrhea
Common causes of metabolic alkalosis Hypokalemiahypochloremiagastric suctioningvomitinguse of steroid medexcess sodium bicarb
What is a hazard of oxygen therapy in a patient wih chronic ventilatory failure suppress their hypoxic drive
During acute alveolar hypoventilation, the blood what happens to the blood? pH decreases, paCO2 increases, HCO3 remains the same
Metabolic alkalosis can develop from which of the following: hypercholremia, hypokalemia, hypocloremia or hyperkalemia? Hypokalemia and Hypochloremia
What ABG values would decrease in a diabetic ketoacidosis patient? pH, PaCO2, and HCO3
On an X-ray, consolidation or opacity is caused by _______ Pneumonia
On an x-ray, honeycombing is caused by ____ Pulmonary Fibrosis
On an x-ray, Infiltrates are caused by ____ ARDS
on an x-ray, the term dense means ___ white, as in fluid or tumors
On an x-ray, the term opaque means ____ White
on an x-ray, the term translucent means ___ dark areas
Define Bronchiectasis A change in airway, can occur alone or with other diseases, frequently found in lower lobes
What happens to secretions in the airways they get stuck in pockets which lead to infections, airways are cut off by secretion build-up
Describe secretions in bronchiectasis Copious amounts of foul smelling secretions
Bronchiectasis can lead to... Hyperinflation of the distal alveoli, Atelectasis (due to mucus plug), consolidation (airless or gassless due to fluid in aleoli), and parenchymal fibrosis
What are the 3 forms of bronchiectasis? Varicose (fusiform), cylindrical (tubular) and saccular (cystic, which cause the greatest damage)
An x-ray of bronchiectasis would show... Translucent (dark), depressed diaphragms, long and narrow heart, enlarged heart
what is the hallmark of bronchiectasis chronic cough and copious foul smelling secretions
Bronchiectasis culture of sputum will show sputum may separate into layers and will show h-influenza, strep, pseudomonas
a congenital cause of 50% of all bronchiectasis Cystic Fibrosis
CF is caused by mutation on chromosome 7
Genetic mutation of chromosome 7 causes abnormal electrolyte and H2O movement, Increased secretions
How do you diagnose CF Sweat test
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