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The Crucible

Review for the unit test

What is the setting of The Crucible? 1600s, Salem, MA
Who is the author of The Crucible? Arthur Miller
The Crucible was written as a reaction to which movement? McCarthyism
Which literary genre does The Crucible fall into? Satire
What types of people were frequent victims of the Salem Witch Trials? Old, ugly/deformed, social outcasts
What did the author do to add validity to his story? Added real names of citizens of the village
What type of government was present in Puritan villages? Theocracy
True or False: Proctor is a dynamic character within the play The Crucible. True
True or False: Abigail Williams is seen as the voice of reason within the play. False
True or False: Putnam is a bitter man because the community stopped his brother from becoming a minister. True
True or False: Mary Warren wants to do the right thing and tell the truth, but is pressured from the other girls to keep lying. True
True or False: Elizabeth’s motivation is revenge. False
True or False: Because Proctor consistently attends religious services, the reader can infer he is a model Puritan. False
True or False: Abigail is looked up to and revered by the entire community at the beginning of the play. False
List two potential themes for the play. Fear makes people do illogical things. Jealousy is a dangerous emotion.
Name two reasons that the author lists multiple conflicts in the first two acts of the play. To create an atmosphere of confusion and tension. To show depth and complexity in characters.
List 2 crimes of which John Proctor is guilty. Adultery Not keeping the Sabbath holy.
List 2 events that happen in the woods before the play. Tituba leads the girls in dancing and chants. Abigail drinks a charm to kill Elizabeth. Reverend Parris sees the girls. There is dancing and inappropriate behavior.
What is the fate of John Proctor at the end of the play? He is sentenced to death.
What is the outcome of John Proctor's trial? He is found guilty.
List 2 actions of Abigail at the end of the play. She steals her uncle's money. She runs away.
Created by: cmcca073
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