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North Africa

review for North Africa

fertile soil that is good for growing crops silt
a canal in Egypt that links the Mediterranean and Red seas Suez Canal
members of an ethnic group who are native to North Africa and speak a native language Berbers
a wet, fertile area in a desert where a spring provides water oasis
capital city of Egypt, highest population of all cities in Egypt Cairo
an ancient sytem or writing developed by the Egyptians heiroglyphics
an ancient city in Egypt built by Alexander the Great, 2nd largest city in Egypt Alexandria
a city in which almost no taxes are placed on goods free port
a ruler who has almost absolute power dictator
a marketplace or bizarre where goods are sold in the Islamic world souks
longest river in the world (located in North Africa) Nile River
country in North Africa, located between Morocco and Libya, still trying to recover from violence of the 1990's Algeria
a country in North Africa on the Mediterranean Sea, women have more rights here than other N. African countries Tunisia
a country in North Africa, south of Spain, a country with little oil Morocco
a sea between Europe and Africa Mediterranean Sea
the terms for Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco meghreb
Created by: mrsmansour