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Pharmacology drugs

Formoterol (foadil) Adrenergic bronchodilators 25ug puff 2 puffs BID 12 hrs
Salmoterol (serevent) Adrenergic bronchodilators 25ug puff 50 ug blister 2 puffs BID 12hrs
Pirbuterol (maxaire) Adrenergic bronchodilators O.2mg puff 2 puffs 5hrs
Albuerol sulfate (provential/ventolin) Adrenergic bronchodilators 0.5% 2.5mg .25-.5ml 90ug puff 2 puffs 200ug cap 1 cap 3-8 hours
Levalbuterol (xopenex) Adrenergic bronchodilators SVN .32mg -.21% .63mg-.42% 1.25mg- 3ml TID 3-8hrs
Metaproterol (alupent) Adrenergic bronchodilators 5% .2-.3ml sol'n/3ml .65 mg puff 2-3 puffs 3-6 hrs
Terbutilne sulfate (breathaire) Adrenergic bronchodilators .2mg puff 2 puffs 3-6 hrs
Epinephrine (adrenalin) Adrenergic bronchodilators 1% .25-.5 ml 2hrs
Isoproterenol (isuprel) Adrenergic bronchodilators 1:200 (0.5%) .25-.5 ml 131ug puff 1-2 puff 0.5-2hrs
Isoetharine (bronkosol bronkmeter) Adrenergic bronchodilators 1% .25-.5 ml sol'n/3ml 340ug puff 1-2 puffs 1-3 hours
Bitolterol (colterol tornalate) Adrenergic bronchodilators 0.2% 1.25ml 0.37mg puff 2 puffs 8hrs
Racemic epinephrine (vaponefrin micro-nefrin) Adrenergic bronchodilators 2.25% 0.25-0.5 ml 0.5-2hrs
Albuterol/Ipratropium (DuoNeb/Combivent) Adrenergic anticholingeric bronchodilators SVN .5mg ipra/ 3mg Albu MDI 18ug ipra/ 90ug Albu puff TID or QID 4-6hrs
Titropium bromide Anticholingeric bronchodilators DPI 18ug per inhalation 1 daily 24hrs
Ipratropium bromide (atrovent) Anticholingeric bronchodilators 0.02% (0.5mg) 0.5mg 18ug 2 puffs Qid 4-8 hrs 4-6 hrs
Atropine sulfate Anticholingeric bronchodilators 0.20% 0.025mg/kg 3-4hrs
Theophylline (theo-dur theolair) Xanthine bronchodilators 5-15ug/ml (blood level) 5-10mg/kg
Aminophylline Xanthine bronchodilators 5-15 ug/ml (blood level) 5-10mg/kg
Cromolyn sodium (intal) Antiasthmastic mediator antagonist MDI 0.8mg puff 2 puff Aid DPI 20mg/ cap 1 capsule inhaled Aid Solution 20mg/cap 1 ampule inhaled Qid Onset 1 week 4-6 hrs last 2-3weeks
Dornase Alfa (pulmozyme) Mucolytic 2.5mg 1ampule once daily may increase to twice daily Onset 3-8 days may last 4 days tx stop
Nedocromil sodium (Tilade) Antiasthmatic mediator antagonist 1.75mg per actuation 2 inhalation 4x per day
Acetylcysteine (mucomyst) Mucolytic 10%-20% 3-5ml 20% 6-10ml 10% TID or Qid
Prednisone (cordrol, deltasone) Corticosteroids 1mg/kg
Dexamethaone Corticosteroids 84ug/puff Adult 3 puffs Kids 2 puffs
Beclomethasone dipropionate (belclovent, vanceril, QVAR) Corticosteroids 42ug/puff 84ug/puff Adult 2 puffs Kids 1-2 puffs
Budesonide (pulmicort) Corticosteroids DPI 200ug/inhalation 200-800ug/bid SVN 0.25mg/2ml 0.5mg/2ml up to 0.5mg once daily
Triamcinolone acetonide (azmacort) Corticosteroids 100ug/ puff Adult 2 puff Kid 1-2 puff
Fluniside (aerobid) Corticosteroids 250ug/puff Adult 2 puffs Child 2 puffs BID
Fluticasone propionate (flovent) Corticosteroids 44ug/puff 110ug/puff 220ug/puff >or= 12 years 2 puffs BID
Flunisolide hemihydrates (aerospan) Corticosteroids 80mcg/puff 2 puffs BID
Mometasone furoate (nasonex) Corticosteroids 50/um actuation 2 sprays once daily
Fluticasone propionate/ salmeterol xinafoate (advair diskus) Corticosteroid/ Adrenergic bronchodilator 100ug/50ug 250ug/50ug 500ug/50ug 1 inhalation/ BID 12 hrs
Budesonide/ formoterol (symbicort) Corticosteroid/ Adrenergic bronchodilator 2 inhalation/BID
Tobamycin Antiinfective 300mg/5ml DPI 300mg BID 28mg capsule 28 days on 28 days off Aminoglycoside antibiotic disrupts the protein synthesis
Pentamidine (NubuPent) Antiinfective 300mg/6ml sterile water 300mg once every 4 weeks Treat or prevent PCP in HIV infected pts
Zanamivir (relenza) Antiinfective DPI 5mg/inhalation 2 inhalation 5Mg each BID for 5 days Inhabitation of neuraminidase enzyme action preventing influenza virus
Ribavirin (virazole) Antiinfective 6g powder in 300ml sterile water given 12-18 hr/day for 3-7 days by SPAG men Useful against RSV, is virustatic not virucidal and inhibits both the DNA & RNA viruses
Digoxin Antiarrhythmic, inotropes Tab 125mcg 250mcg int. 0.5-0.75mg Inj 100mcg/ml, 250mcg/ml range 0.75-1.25mg Improve cardiac muscle contraction and force slows heart rate 3-4 days Narrow TI, dizzieness, headache, diarrhea, nausea
Adenosine Antiarrhythmic 3mg/ml in 2 to 4ml syringe 6mg over 1-2 hours may repeat Slow (L) vent. Function and restore normal SA function Half life <10sec. Flushing, dyspnea, headache, nausea, chest pain
Dobutamine Adrenergic agonist, intropes Injection 12.5mg/ml vial 2.5-1.5 mcg/kg/min Decreases preload and afterlife enhances myocardial contractility, stroke volume, and cardiac output Half life 2 min.
Nitroglycerin Vasodilator Varies with mode of delivery Decreases myocardial o2 demand, reduces (L) ventricular pre and after load From 3-5 min. Up to 12 hrs depends on how med is given
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