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Stack #23066

Legal Terms In General Use

Accused A person charged in an indictable case.
Alias Indicates another name for a person.
Alibi (Literally indicates "Elsewhere") A defence or explanation that the person suspected of or charged with a crime, could not have committed it because he\she was elsewhere at the material time.
Aminus Furandi The intention of stealing.
Auterfois Acquit A special plea to a charge that the person charged has been previously acquitted of the offence with which he is now charged.
Auterfois Convict A special plea to a charge that the person charged has been previously convicted of the offence with which he is now charged.
Aiders & Abettors Persons who are present at the commission of a crime and aids & abet its commission.
Accomplice A person who takes part with another in the commission of a crime.
Ante Before.
Bona Fide In good faith. Honestly.
Contra Against.
Certiorari 'To be informed of.' Refers to the order a court issues so that it can review the decision and proceedings in a lower court and determine whether there were any irregularities. When such an order is made it is said that the court has granted certiorari.
Corpus Delicti The facts, which constitute an offence.
Conspiracy An agreement between two or more persons to do an unlawful act\acts, or to do a lawful act\acts by unlawful means.
Coram In the presence of.
Counselors & Procurers Persons who, though at the time a crime was committed, counseled, procured or commanded other persons to commit a crime. (Such persons may be indicted and tried together with, and prosecuted in the same manner as the persons who committed the crime.
De Novo Anew. To start a case over, again.
Dictum, Dicta A saying, sayings.
Doli Incapax Incapable of committing a crime. (A child under the age of 8 years).
Embracery An attempt to corrupt a member or members of a jury.
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