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restless earth

facts about the oceanic plate less than 200 million years old. denser it can sink it can be renewed or destryoyed
adaptation for a fold mountain built a zip-zap road on the side of the mountain cut terraces for farming
what caused the Montserrat eruption? north American/ Caribbean plate at a destructive plate boundary
Haiti earthquake: primary effects around 100,000 houses were destroyed 220,000 people were killed 300,000 people injured
Haiti earthquake: secondary effects 1.3 million people left homeless people moved into tents 2010 outbreak of cholera
Haiti earthquake: long term response temporary schools were created I million people still homeless
Haiti earthquake: immediate response th UN sent troops, aid teams and set up a food cluster to feed many people.
Montserrat eruption: primary effects killed 23 people over 5,000 people left the island Plymouth became a ghost town rivers were contaminated and damaged by lahars
Montserrat eruption: secondary effects tourist industry stopped minerals were in the soil and they were made fertile 50% evacuated to the north of the island
Montserrat eruption: long term responses land became more fertile established monitoring station
Montserrat eruption: immediate responses food clean water medical help shelter evacuation
Northridge LA, MEDC earthquake: primary effects 9,000 homes/businesses lost electricity supply 12,500 structures were severely damaged
Northridge LA, MEDC earthquake: secondary effects numerous fires caused by broken gas pipes valley fever occurred affecting peoples lungs
Northridge LA, MEDC earthquake: immediate responses tents were sent up in parks the red cross helped with food and shelter
Northridge LA, MEDC earthquake: long term responses more people have earthquake kits 80,000 housing units had been built in the area
earthquake a sudden and brief period of intense ground shaking
the structure of the earth the inner core outer core mantle crust
composite volcanoes steep slope infrequent eruptions occurs on destructive plate boundary
fact about the continental crust more than 1500 million years old less dense can float cannot be renewed or destroyed
collision plate boundary two continental plates of equal density squeeze upwards as none of them will sinks forming fold mountains and due to pressure, violent earthquake happens.
Created by: shacqilla6