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Latin America

What is the Slash and Burn Technique? Method of clearing land by cutting down trees and brush and lighting the debris on fire
The South American Rainforest is located primarily in what country? Brazil
What is the Llanos of South America? Grassy, treeless area in Colombia and Venezuela used for farming and livestock grazing
What is the Pampas? Grassland/plain located in Argentina and Uruguay often used for growing wheat
What islands do the West Indies include? Bahamas, Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles
What body of water surrounds the West Indies? The Caribbean Sea
What body of water is an important trade route for Latin American countries and known for its mild tropical climate and beautiful waters? The Caribbean Sea
What is a maquiladora? it is a factory built along the Mexico-U.S. border that imports material from a neighboring country and then exports the fully assembled product, usually to the country it imported the materials from.
What is NAFTA North America Free Trade Agreement. It allows goods to be imported and exported between the United States, Canada, and Mexico without tariffs (taxes).
What is the largest country in South America? Brazil
What is the Panama Canal? It is a passage way dug through the country of Panama that allows ships to cross between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans without going all the way around South America
What islands are included in the Greater Antilles? Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica
What Islands are included in the Lesser Antilles? The Leeward and Windward islands
What are the three main regions of Latin America? Mexico and Central America, South America, and the Caribbean Islands
What is an isthmus? It is a narrow strip of land that separates two larger bodies of water and connects two landmasses
What language is spoken in a majority of Latin American countries? Spanish
What language is spoken by the majority of people in Brazil? Portuguese
What mountain range dominates South America? The Andes mountains
What two mountain ranges are extensions of the Andes? The Rockies and Sierra Madres
What economic problem are many Latin American countries struggling with? A large income gap
What is an income gap? It is a large difference in wealth and quality of life between the wealthy(upper class) and the rest of society (lower and middle class)
What is the Cerrado? Grassy plains in the Amazon Basin that have good soil for farming and raising livestock
What is the Debt-for-nature swap? A solution to prevent the deforestation of the rain forest. Typically involves an environmental group agreeing to pay some of a country's debts in exchange for the government promising to protect a portion of the rain forest
What is biodiversity? Term that refers to a wide range of plant and animal species. The Amazon Rain Forest has a great biodiversity.
What is deforestation? Refers to cutting down and clearing trees
What is Angel Falls ? It is the world's largest, single water fall, standing at 3,200 feet tall. Located in Venezuela
What is a Caudillo? it is a term that refers to a military dictator or political boss. Caudillos ruled many Latin American Countries throughout the 20th Century.
What is the largest river of South America? The Amazon River
What two factors resulted in a blended culture in Latin America? Slavery and European colonization
What native, Inca language is still spoken by some peoples of Latin America? Quechua
What is the most common religion in Latin America? Roman Catholicism
What is the most common ethnic group in Latin America? Mestizo
What is the Mestizo ethnic group? Mix of European and Native American ancestry
What is the Mulatto ethnic group? Mix of African and European ancestry
What is Calypso? its a Caribbean music that combines musical elements from Africa, Spain, and the Caribbean
What is Capoeira? Its a mix of dance and martial arts that common in Latin America
What is a Favela? Shanty town or slum that lacks government services and regulation
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