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04 Med Asst Legal

04 medical assistant legal considerations

Statutory Law body of laws made by the states, includes practice acts for doctors and nurses, certification requirements for MA's, scope of practice
Common Law Judge made law (presedents) interpretation of the us consitution or statutory law
Criminal Law wrongs committed against the welfare and safety of society as a whole.
Civil Law affects relationships between individuals, corporations, government bodies, and other organizations.
Administrative Law
Title VII of the civil rights act
Americans with Disabilities Act
Family and Medial Leave Act
Controlled Substance Act
Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
Regulation Z of the Consumer Protection Act
Medical Practice Acts
Contract Law
Termination of Contracts
Tort Law
Standard of Care and Scope of Practice Act
Classification of Torts
Common Torts
Informed Consent
Implied Consent
Consent and Legal Incompetence
Risk Management
Professional Liability Coverage
Pretrial Conference
Sttute of limitations
Reportable diseases/Injuries
Good Samaritan Law
Living Wills/Advance Directives
Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
Patient Self Determination Act
malfeasance conduct that is illegal or contrary to an OFFICIAL'S obligation. divided into felony or misdemeanor
felony criminal law, serious crimes, murder, larceny or thefts of large amounts of money, assault, and rape.
convicted felon cannot vote, hold public office or own weapons ...1st, 2nd, or 3rd degrees
misdemeanor lessor offenses...grouped as A,most serious, then B, then C
misfeasance lawful act that is improperly or unlawfully executed
nonfeasance failure to perform an act, official duty, or legal requirement.
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