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Poisitive and Negative Effects of volcanoes

Creation of New Land Lava cools and solidifies to form new land for example Iceland and Hawaiian Islands.
Fertile Soils Pyroclastic material from the volcanoes land on the soil and makes the soil fertile.
Tourism Volcanoes attract tourism for sport for example. volcano boarding and Hiking.
Loss of Life Volcanic activity can cause many to die from gasses being emitted, pyroclastic flows and Lahars. For example the Lahar in Nevada Del Ruiz. in 1985
Disruption to Air Travel Tephra ( ash, dust and pumice) form the volcano can travel all around the world in the air and can cause disruption to air travel. For example the Mount Pinatubo erruption in 1991
Geothermal Energy Geothermal energy provides cheap electricity to the people of Iceland. They can use this for electricity and even for spas for example The Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
Created by: 201617B15