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Coast Guard25' Coxsn

Extras to remember for 25 board

List 3 Restrictive casualties Missing 1 Fire extinguisher, Missing SAR vest, Hole/Crack above waterline
List 4 (INOP) Restrictive Casualties Navigation lights INOP, GPS INOP, Depth Sounder INOP, Radar INOP
List 3 Major Casualties Missing seatbelt, Battery terminal loose or corroded, Life ring &/or distress light missing/unserviceable
List 3 Disabling Casualties No/Unserviceable fire extinguisher, No spare kill switch, No electrical means of signling distress (i.e. Radio or EPIRB)
List 4 Disabling Casualties Hull breach below waterline, Electrical arcing & sparking, Engine fails to start, Green light off or red light on.
Fuel Octane must be at least ______ octane or higher 86 Octane
Water Pressure must be Min 5 psi to 12 psi
Hull and Cabin are what grade aluminum Hull is 5086 Marine Grade Aluminum, Cabin is 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum
Type of trailer EZ-Loader
Anchor and gear (shackle size, chain size and type) Anchor is a 7lb fortress anchor, 3/8" Galvinized anchor shackle, 1/4" x 4' PVC coated chain secured with a bungee cord.
What is stored in the pouch near the fire extinguisher up forward spare kill switch and lanyard, 3/16" T-Allen wrench, 90 Degree phillips screwdriver
What type of tides do we have in our AOR Diurnal
What Tide range do we have in our AOR? Average tide range is from +1.2 to -1.5
Hurricanes have been known to raise our tides as much as Hurricanes have raised tides as much as 11.5 FT
Created by: michellereece