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Level 1 Radiographer

Skilled Needed to pass La State Test

Aluminium will protect you from what type of radiation. Beta
Paper will protect you from what type of radiation Alpha
What is a moderator A material which slows down nuetrons
Who is responsible for safety Everyone
At what speed do gamma rays travel 186,000 mph or Speed of Light
What does the term TLD stand for? Thermoluminescent Dosimeter
What is the best form of shielding for gamma radiation Lead
List three routes of entry Inhalation, Injection, Ingestion
List three types of radiation Gamma, Alpha, and Beta
The Quality Factor for Alpha Rays 20.00
The Symbol mR means? Milliroentgen
Atoms that have excess energy and are unstable are know as? Radiactive
Activity is measured in Curies
The Quality Factory for X-Rays 1
The Roentgen (R) exposure is measured in Air
The acronym rad means Radiation absorbed dose.
Elementary particle units with a negative electrical charge and a mass approximately equal to 1/1840 that of a proton are Electrons
Positively charged elementary particles with a mass approximately equal to 1840 times that of an electron, or 1 AMU are know as. Protons
The Fact that gasses bombarded by ionizing radiation become conductors of electrical current make them useful in. Detection Equipment
A tube through which the radioactive source travels when inside a radiographic exposure devices S tube
The process that results in the removal of orbital electrons from atoms resulting in the formation of ion pairs in called. Ionization
Any byproduct material that is encased in a capsule designed to prevent leakage or escape of the byproduct material is. Sealed Source.
An analog survey meter must be calibrated on each scale at two points approximately. 25% and 75 % of the scale potential.
The area knows ass the center of the atom is known the? Nucleus
Becquerels and curies are units of measurements of Decay Rate
Uncharged elementary particle with a mass nearly equal to that of a proton are called. Neutrons
Positively charged elementary particles with a mass approximately equal to 1840 times that of an electron or 1 AMU are knows ass? Protons
A survey meter must be capable of measuring a range of. 2 to 1000 MR/H (0.02 to 10 mSv/H)
A dosimeter must be capable of reading a rage of 0-200 mR (0-2 mSv)
A film badge/TLD records what? Total dose history for the period won?
When performing radiography in a permanent radiographic installation equipped with an area monitor the technical is not required to. Wear a rate Alarm
What dosimeter (dosimetric devices) are least affected by moisture. TLDs
A direct reading ionization chamber such as a dosimeter has the advantage of providing an? Immediate dose history since last time charged.
A Rt Tech survey meter is showing "O" near he source it can safely be assumed that? The meter is in an inoperable state and the radiographer should retreat from the source until an operational metter has replaced the suspect meter.
Survey Meters must be calibrated at intervals not to exceed 6 months or Semi Annually.
Label or Surface Radiation Level Radiation Level a 1 Meter
White 1 Does not exceed 0.5 mrem/HR. Not applicable.
Yellow 2 Does not exceed 50 mrem/hr AND Does not exceed 1 mrem/hr
yellow 3 Exceeds 50 mrem/hr OR Exceeds 1 mrem/hr
Assuming a source has a half life of 20 years how old would the source in 3 half lives..? 60 years old
The ball on a source assembly that prevents the source from exiting through the back of the camera is called. Safety stop ball.
If a radiographer has 60 mR (0.6 MsV) at the surface of the exposure device, what would the reading be after 2 half lives? 15 MR (0.15 mSv)
Emission of gamma rays, alpha rays, and beta rays is considered what? Characteristics of source decay.
To penetrate a thicker or denser material you would need a source with. More energy (shorter wavelength)
The use of 4 half-value layers will reduce the exposure by a factor of. 16 times 100/2 square
The elements weight is the A number
An element is identified by the number of _____________ in the nucleus. Protons
The first indication of an extremity radiation overexposure is. Reddening of the skin
Gamma radiation has a shorter wavelength that visible light therefore making it. More Penetrating.
A sealed source emits what? Gamma Rays
Full deflection of a survey meter while on battery check means? Meter may or may not be working property.
A radiographer survey meter is showing "o" near the source it can safely be assumed.. The meter is an inoperable state the radiographer should retreat from the source until an operational meter has replaced the suspect meter?
A radiographer read 7.5 on the 10x scale of the survey meter. What is the current dose rate at the position? 75 mR/h
Rate alarm must be calibrated at intervals not to exceed. Yearly
Dosimeters must be calibrated at intervals not to exceed. Annually
You must notify NRC in writing _______ after a failed lead test has been determined. Within three days
Applied amperage across the filament in an X ray tube has a direct bearing on producing more or less. Penetration
An X-Ray cabinet must comply with unrestricted area requirements. The maximum amount of radiation emitted from the cabinet at 1.97 (5cm) shall not exceed. 1 mR/h (10 uSv/h)
A source must be leak tested?
Sources being transported from storage to a field location must NOT be Left alone in a Vehicle with a no functioning alarm.
A survey instrument must be capable of an accuracy of. -+20%
While in a field setting, radiographer is conducting using a 300KV X Ray systems. What is the Minimum boundaries needed? High Radiation Area and Radiation Areas
At completion of an X ray exposure and turning the system to standby. You may approach the immediately without fear of exposure.
Typically the exposure duration is controlled by? Automatically via an integrated timer.
How often must source be physically inventoried? 3 months
High speed electrons striking a target produce primarily what? Heat
X-Ray machines work on the principle of bremsstrahlung or braking. Which components is not required to produce this effect? Focusing cup
When high speed electrons strike a hard surface (target) which is not a result? Neutrons Beams
A none declared pregnant radiographer or assistant may receive no more that. 5 R per year (50 mSv) or 5000RM
Your survey meter has become inoperable. You must Follow company operating and emergency procedures
What is the maximum surface reading for a YELLOW II labled shipping container? 50 MR/H (500 uSv/H)
Which government agency regulates the transportation of Type A radioactive containers? DOT
What is the maximum surface reading for a source changer? 200 mR/H (2000 uSv/H
Exposure devices must be maintained prior to use? And every three months
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