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Chapter 15

Shampoo and Hair Care

Chelating Agent detergent it breaks down the stubborn film and remove residue
Clarifying Shampoo contains Chelating agent that binds metals (copper and iron) an equalizing agent that enriches the hair and help retain moisture and make the hair manageable
Water the most abundant, universal solvent and usually is the first ingredient listed in a product
Descending Order according to the percentage of each ingredient in the shampoo from largest to smallest percentage
Humectants Which substances absorb moisture or promote the retention of moisture?
Spray on Thermal Protector safeguard against the harmful effects of blow drying the hair
Scalp Astringent Lotion substances absorb moisture or promote the retention of moisture
Never brush prior to Chemical Service
Natural Bristles tiny overlapping layers of scales, clean and add luster to the hair most highly recommended hairbrushes
Overactive Sebaceous Glands Causes Excessive oiliness
Cushions of your finger tips the proper way to shampoo , helps to shampoo into a lather
Products used primary difference between a relaxation massage and a treatment massage
Color-enhancing shampoos eliminate unwanted color tones from the hair
Fine, Damaged it is recommended that you use a gentle cleansing shampoo and a light leave-in conditioner
Three-part procedure pre-service (clean and disinfect), service procedure (Accomplish service), and post service (reschedule and payment)
Your retail product recommendations after the service is completed
Contraindicated the client has a medical condition, can NOT get a scalp message,
Medicated Shampoo contains a special drug or medical to help reduce or relief dandruff and other scalp conditions
Conditioning Shampoo Known as moisturizing shampoo, designed to improve the manageability of hair
Dry Shampoo Shampoo that cleanse the hair without the us of soap and water
Hypertension High Blood Pressure
Dry Scalp Treatment Use moisturizing and emollient ingredients, and avoid using strong soaps, and alcohol
Hydrophilic the surfactant tail water- loving
Lipophilic the surfactant tail oil- loving
Deionized Water Water that has had impurities, such as calcium and magnesium and other metal ions that would make a product unstable, removed
Non-stripping Product that does not remove artificial color from the hair
Hard Water water that contains minerals that reduce the ability of soap or shampoo to lather properly
Primary purpose of a shampoo service the condition of the client's hair and scalp
Soft Water Rainwater or chemically softened water that contains only a small amount of chemicals
pH-balanced shampoo balance range for hair and skin 4.5 to 5.5
Recommendation of a scalp treatment after the hair and scalp as be examined
Protein Conditioner designed to penetrate the cortex and reinforce the hair shaft from within, to temporarily reconstruct the hair
Acidic 0-.6.9
Neutral 7
Alkaline 7.1-14
High pH shampoo can leave the hair dry, brittle and porous. May also cause fading in color treated hair
Draping To protect clients skin and important because it contributes to client's safety and comfort
Sedimentation matter sinking to the bottom
Basic Shampoo cape know as Wet draping Towel, Cape and towel
Nylon bristle brushes are shinny and smooth bristles, which is more suitable for styling.
Brushing the Hair - Helps remove dust, dirty and hairspray build-up - Stimulates the blood circulation
Moisturizers add moisture and promote retention to dry hair
Filtration water passes through a porous substance
Distillation water passing through a porous substance, such as filter paper or charcoal
Pityriasis Dandruff
Malassezia is the fungus that causes dandruff
Leave-in conditioners Applied to hair and not rinsed out
Surfactant molecules has 2 ends (water loving head and oil attracting tail)
Scalp massages use what part of the hands: fingertips, pads & palms
" the Shampoo" scalp care, massage, shampooing, and conditioning
Cleanliness and Stimulation the two basic requirements for maintaining a healthy scalp
Neutralizing is manufactured with artificial protein molecules added to the base to cling on to the hair natural protein
Protein Conditioners conditioners designed to penetrate the cortex
Deep conditioning treatments known as hair masks or conditioning packs, mixed with concentrated proteins
Neck strip can be used vs. a terry cloth towel during a hair cut allowing the hair to at it natural falling position
Hairline is where you begin at during a shampoo
Back and forth movement is how you manipulate the scalp during a front the hair line working
pH scale 0-14
Created by: kysha kirby
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