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Taking Notes

1. In the pursuit of a four-year degree, students spend nearly 500 hours in a formal classroom. False
2. Taking notes while in class is similar to taking notes while reading a book. True
3. Lecture notes taken by first-year students contain, on average, only 11% of the critical ideas presented during a class. True
1a. What are the two key questions you should ask yourself to take effective notes? A. What should I write and how should I write it. B. Who should I ask to be in my study group and should I get their number. C. What should I do if I get lost
2A. Name an effective tool you can do before taking notes? A. Review notes from your previous class as a refresher. B. Eat a good meal C. Work on another assignment
5. Course name, date of class, and topic of the class are 3 ways you can organize your page for note taking. True
6. A good seat is one that allows you to concentrate on the source of your information. True
1B. Addressing any mental, physical, or emotional distractions by going to the bathroom, eating a healthy snack, or getting a drink of water are examples of eliminating ________. Distractions
2B. Listen actively for key concepts, _______ _______, and supporting details. main ideas
6B. You should confirm your notes are accurate, complete and _____. Understandable
(SA)List 4 ways to polish your notes. Finish partial sentences, expand on key words, correct misspellings, and revise drawings or charts
3A. If you aren't happy with the quality of your notes, what could you ask your professor? A. To record the class B. To send you the notes through email C. To change his teaching style
3B. In a _____ discussion, your goal for note taking is the same as for a lecture. class
(SA) Should you compare notes? If so, please explain. Yes, you should compare notes with other motivated students and you may have different information or a clearer version that could be more helpful.
4B. _____ is essential for learning. Focus
4A. Watching a professor get excited about an idea is an exaple of what? A. Verbal cue B. Visual cue C. Imaginary cue
5A. If your professor states the following: "The point is.... The following is important.... The key here is.... what are these examples of? A. Hearing cue B. Visual cue C. Verbal cues
5B. List _____you may have after completing homework is a good tip. questions
6A. List 2 ways to speed up note-taking. A. Don't write just listen B. Write every other word and then go back and fill in the blanks C. Condense your information and use abbreviations
4. You should create a positive affirmation about taking notes. True
Created by: shavonte1202
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