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Terms and definitions

Anatomy scientific study of the structure of living things
Arthritis a condition associated with inflammation of the joints, as well as damage to the joints of the body
Brand Name a unique proprietary name selected by the pharmaceutical company that produces the drug
Cardiovascular a term relating to the heart and blood vessels
Complementary and alternative medicine CAM-therapies outside of evidence based medicine
Dermatologic referring to the hair skin and nails
Drugs substances intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of a disease
Diabetes a chronic condition associated with how body processes sugar that can be life threatening
Evidence based medicine prescribing medications for clinical use on the bases of scientific data
Gastrointestinal referring to digestive activities (stomach, intestines)
Generic Name a specific, non-proprietary name assigned by the United States Adopted Names (USAN) Council
Gross anatomy the study of structures within the body that are large enough to be seen with or by the naked eye
Hematology study of blood
microscopic anatomy the study of structures within the body that can only be seen with a microscope
Oncology the study of cancerous diseases
Pathophysiology the study of abnormal bodily functions that can be caused by diseases or other processes that are not normal
Pharmacology study of how drugs or other chemicals work in the body
Physiology the study of functions within living things
Pneumonia one type of lung infection that can be treated with anti-infective medications
receptors minute specialized surfaces that provide the sites of activations for medications in different parts of the body
Respiratory referring to the lungs and other breathing passages
Skeletal referring to the bone
United States Adopted Names (USAN) Council the group sponsored by the American Medical Association(AMA), United States Pharmacopeia Convention (USPC), and the American Pharmacists Association (APHA) that assigns generic names to drugs; they use stems to assign them
Behind the counter (BTC) drugs drugs that do not require a prescription but must be documented by a pharmacist
Controlled substances drugs that are regulated by the DEA because of their potential for abuse
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) the Federal agency that regulates the controlled substances in the US
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) The Federal agency that approves drugs for sale in the US
National Drug Code (NDC) a specific set of numbers assigned to a drug by the pharmaceutical company that produces it
Over The Counter (OTC) Drugs drugs that can be purchased without a prescription
Poison Prevention Packaging Act(PPPA) a Federal law that requires child resistant closures on most prescription and nonprescription medications
Third Party prescription coverage through a patient's health care insurance
Additive a drug that is added to a parenteral solution
Absorption the movement of the drug from the dosage formulation to the blood
Acute Viral Hepatitis an inflammatory condition of the liver caused by viruses
Additive effects the summation in effect when two drugs with similar pharmaceutical actions are taken
Agonists drugs that activate receptors to accelerate or slow down cell functions
Aliqout a portion of a mixture
Hypertension Elevation of blood pressure
Androgens male sex hormone
Technician individuals who are given a basic level of training designed to help the perform specific tasks
Professionals individuals who receive extensive and advanced education before being allowed to practice, such as physicians and pharmacists
Scope of practice What individuals may or may not do in their practice
Personal inventory an assessment of one's characteristics, skills, qualities, etc.
Confidential requirement of health-care providers to keep all patient information private among the patient, insurer, and provider
Competent being qualified and capable
Biopharmaceutics the study of the chemical and physical properties of drugs and the biological effects they produce.
Absolute Bioavailability the bioavailability of a drug product compared to the same drug in the form of rapidly administered IV solution
absorption the movement of the drug from the dosage formulation to the blood
Abstracting services services that summarize information from various primary sources for quick reference
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