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Pharmacology Exam 2

Drugs affecting the CNS, anti epileptic drugs, antiparkinsonian drugs

Benzodiazepines Midazolam (versad), diazepan (valium), temazepan (restoril) are what kinds of drug?
Versed Benzo that causes amnesia
Valium Benzo that is the most common, best drug for anxiety, stopping seizures, and alcohol withdrawal effects.
Restoril Benzo that is used for insomnia, longer acting, long onset of action
Narrow Angle Glaucoma The main contraindication of benzos
flumazenil The treatment for benzos that cannot exceed 4 doses or 1 mg
benzos You can't take herbal remedies with this.
grapefruit Decreases the metabolism of the benzo
fall risk Everybody that is taking benzos, no matter the age, will have this bracelet
Nonbenzodiazepines (Zaleplon) Sonata, (Zolpidem) Ambient, and (Eszopiclone) Lunesta are what kinds of drug?
sonata nonbenzo that is short acting only for 4 hours
ambien nonbenzo that has sleep walking side effect
lunesta nonbenzo that is FDA approved; also is used for long term effect
barbiturates Pentobarbital and Phenobarbital are very high habit forming drug with low therapeutic indexes and are what kind of drugs?
phenobarbital barbiturate is the most common, long acting, prevents seizures, and is rarely used today
pentobarbital barbiturate is short acting, most common during prep, acute seizures
Deprive REM sleep Main adverse effect of barbiturates
respiratory conditions main contraindication of barbiturates
kidney or liver disease second contraindication of barbiturates
activated charcoal what you give when you have an overdose of barbiturates because there is no antidote
muscle relaxants dantrolene, baclofen, and cyclobenzaprine are what kind of drugs?
baclofen muscle relaxant that you have to give a test dose and must dilute before infusion
flexeril most commonly used muscle relent, reduce spasms following injury
renal impairment contraindication of muscle relaxant
base vitals what you must always always always obtain
hangover benzos give this type of feeling the next day
Safety the most important thing in the nursing school world
adhd adderall, stratega, provigil, and retilin, are all what kind of drugs?
adderall ADHD medication that has the potential for tolerance/ abuse and is a class 2 drug.
strattera ADHD medication that produces suicidal thinking and is nonaddictive
Provigil ADHD medication usually used for night shift workers, narcolepsy, and is a class 4 drug,
drug holiday where you take your child off the medication for a period of time to see if they can live without it
stimulant decongestants can also act as this.
selective serotonin receptor agonists SSRA stands for...
SSRA imitrex is what kind of drug?
imitrex This SSRA drug you take before a migraine begins, and is only used for migraines not headaches.
heart disease these type of people should not take SSRAs
idiopathic type of seizure that can not find any cause and is roughly 50% of cases
symptomatic type of seizure that has a distinct cause
anticonvulsants anti-seizure or anti-epileptic drugs are also called...
lifelong therapy for any seizure medications is..
first line antiseizure drugs tegretol, dilantin, and valproic acid are all what kind of drug?
tegretol Is the drug of choice for general and complex seizures, decreases the effects of other drugs, and monitor therapeutic levels.
dilantin anti seizure drug that stabilizes the neuron and is a depressant
gingival hyperplasia the main adverse effect of dilantin
bradycardia main contraindication of dilantin
valproic acid people with liver problems can NOT have this seizure medication, it is used for all types of seizures.
second line anti seizure drugs neuron tin and valium are what kind of drugs?
neurontin anti seizure drug that is the most common, given for patients with neuropain, not always for seizures, can be used by itself but not as effective
slow push When giving IV anti seizure medications you must
normal saline dilantin can only be mixed with this and nothing else
antiparkinsonian drugs cogentin, amantadine, levodopa, and carbidopa are what kind of drugs?
cogentin prototype anticholinergic drug used to treat parkinson's disease, is a "buzzkill", can be used alone or with amantadine
amantadine is a adjunct anti parkinson drug, can increase anticholinergic effect, can cause postural hypotension
levodopa this is the most effective drug used to treat parkinson's disease
carbidopa iis a dopamine replacement drug, permitting more levodopa to be transported to the brain, and prevents the breakdown of levodopa in the periphery
selegiline this drug is used to extend the duration of levodopa by blocking its breakdown
dry mouth the main adverse reactions of antiparkinsonian drugs
Created by: caitlingail14
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