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BM Chpt. 3

Business Management Chapter 3 Study Guide

The ability to influence individuals and groups to achieve organizational goals is Leadership
When leaders have ambition and persistence in reaching goals, they are demonstrating Initiative
Earns the respect and cooperation of employees to effectively accomplish the work of the organization Leader
Refers to how well people get along with each other when working together Human Relations
Which leadership characteristic refers to using their intelligence to study, learn, and improve their management skills? Intelligence
Which leadership characteristic refers to making good decisions? Judgement
Which leadership characteristic refers to being able to look at all sides of a problem and not make biased judgments or statements? Objectivity
Which leadership characteristic refers to having ambition and persistence in reaching goals? Initiative
Which leadership characteristic refers to being consistent in their actions and beings someone others can rely on? Dependability
Which leadership characteristic refers to understanding the importance of other people, enjoying being with them, and striving to work well with others? Cooperation
Which leadership characteristic refers to having honesty and high standards of personal integrity? Honesty
Which leadership characteristic refers to possessing the courage to make unpopular decisions and trying new approaches in problems? Courage
Which leadership characteristic refers to attempting to make the best decisions possible and trusting their own judgement? Confidence
Which leadership characteristic refers to not being highly emotional and having dependable reactions? Stability
Which leadership characteristic refers to recognizing that the feelings and ideas of others are important? Understanding
The ability to control behavior is Power
The manager's position in the organization is Position Power
The manager's control of rewards or punishments is Reward Power
The manager's knowledge and skill is Expert Power
The employee's perception of the manager is Identity Power
________ and ________ are assigned to managers Position Power and Rewards Power
________ and ________ have to be earned by the manager Expert Power and Identity Power
Only granted to manager's that employees believe have earned it is Identity Power
Skills are developed through... Experience, training, and personal development
Companies are look for employees who have... leadership abilities
___________ must maintain good working relationships with others both inside and outside the business Managers
This important human relation skill involves an awareness of your attitudes and opinions, your leadership style, your decision-making style, and your relationship with other people Self-understanding
This important human relation skill understands that every individual is different, you cannot treat everyone the same, and you need to know the best way to work with each employee Understanding Others
This important human relation skill understands that effective communication and listening to employee concerns is essential in business Communication
This important human relation skill means getting people to support the same goals and work well together to accomplish them Team Building
This important human relation skill realizes managers must be aware of the difference among their employees to help them maintain a high level of job satisfaction Developing Job Satisfaction
This management view believes that employees will not perform their work unless they are closely managed and controlled Close Management
In a close management style, when managers spend most of their time in close supervision of employees, do they neglect other management responsibilities? Yes
This management view believes that employees generally enjoy their work and therefore are allowed a great deal of control. Employees will take initiative to solve problems, help others, and perform quality work Limited Management
In this management view, managers adjusts their approach as circumstances change Flexible Management
The general way a manager treats and supervises employees influenced by many factors Leadership Style
Leadership style is influenced by many categories, what are they? Manager's preparation, experience, and beliefs about whether employees like or dislike work
This leadership style gives direct, clear, and precise orders with detailed instructions as to what, when, and how work is done. Employees do not make decisions and often become bored or frustrated. Autocratic Leadership
This leadership style works best in emergencies, military, and rush orders Autocratic Leadership
This leadership style encourages workers to share in making decisions about work and work related problems. Managers communicate openly and discuss problems and solutions with employees. Democratic Leadership
What are the downsides of a democratic leadership? Discussing problems in time consuming and some employees don't like to participate in discussions.
This leadership style gives little or no direction to employees. Employees are expected to understand the work that needs done and are allowed to do their work with little management involved. Open Leadership
An open leadership works best when? With experienced workers and in businesses where few major changes occur
Some employees are not confident in their skills and will be ineffective in this style of leadership Open Leadership
Understands employees and job requirements and matches actions and decisions to the circumstances Situational Leadership
When personal and family issues arise are work, managers need to be understanding and sympathetic. True or False? True
Prescribed guide for actions and conduct Rules
________ are needed in a business to describe expectations and offer guidance for acceptable actions and conduct Rule
Regulations created to maintain an effective working environment in the business Work Rules
Employees must meet certain expectations if a business is to operate effectively. True or False? True
An organization of workers formed to represent their common interests in improving wages, benefits, and working conditions Labor Union
The contract between management and the union identifying rights and responsibilities of the business and its employees The rules cannot be violated Labor Agreement
Managers must clearly communicate expectation to all employees. True or False? True
Managers do not need to make sure each employee is aware of and understands all work rules False
Managers need to handle problems in a _____ and ______ way Reasonable and Equitable
Procedures for ___________ must be clear and specific, communicated to employees and enforced fairly and equitably Fuel Violations
What are some examples of procedures for rule violations? Verbal warnings, written warnings, short suspension, and termination
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