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Chapter 15

The Independent Republics

What is the Ukraine's major seaport? Odessa
What is the Ukrainian landmass that juts into the Black Sea? Crimean Peninsula
What are the vast treeless plains that are typically located in the mid latitudes? Steppe
What is the large body of water that borders Ukraine in the south? The Black Sea
What is the Donets Basin? Major Industrial region in eastern Ukraine
The Ukraine's two largest rivers flow into what major body of water? The Black Sea
Ukraine's climate of cold winters and warm summers is what type of climate? Humid Continental Climate
How do the farming and Industry of the Ukraine operate in terms of economics? Free Enterprise
The Donets Basin contains on of the world's largest deposits of what mineral? Coal
What is the major transportation, industrial, and cultural center of the Ukraine? Kiev
What is the capital city of Belarus? Minsk
Belarus is directly north of what country? Ukraine
What are lands that have been set aside to protect plants and wildlife? Nature Preserves
What is the Country that borders the Ukraine to the southwest? Moldova
What is the area of towering trees shared by Belarus and Poland? Belovezha Forest
Most of the people of Belarus are of what ethnic group? Slavs
What do Moldova and Romania have in common? similar language and culture
The largest city and capital of Moldova is...? Chisinau
The most common ways for the people of Belarus to make money are...? Farming and Manufacturing
Both Belarus and Moldova have a Humid continental climate with long cold winters and...? Short, hot summers
What is the capital city of Azerbaijan? Baku
What are Faults? openings in the earth's crust
What is food processing? Preparing foods as products for sale
What is the main ethnic group of people in Georgia? Georgians
Yerevan is the capital city of what country? Armenia
What is the major landform in Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan? Mountains
What is the largest ethnic group in Azerbaijan? Azeris
The city of Baku lies in an area that has large deposits of...? Oil
What mountain range runs through Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia? Caucasus Mountains
Most of the people of Azerbaijan practice the religion of...? Islam
People that move with their flocks in search of pasture are known as...? nomads
What is the Kara Kum? desert in Turkmenistan
What is the large, inland SALT lake located in the central asian republic? The Aral Sea
What are Oases? Fertil desert areas watered by underground springs
What is the major mountain range in Tajikistan? Pamir Mountains
Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan are known as the...? Central Asian Republics
The Kazakhs trace their ancestry to the...? Mongols
Four major mountain ranges come together in the country of...? Tajikistan
Nearly 85 percent of Turkmenistan is covered by... A vast desert
Most of the people in the Central Asian Republics are... Muslims
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