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Geography Terms

Stack #22890

Tropic of Capricorn Line of latitude- 23 1/2 degrees south of the equator
Tropic of Cancer Line of latitude- 23 1/2 degrees northof the equator
equator 0 degrees latitude
International date line imaginary line set at the 180-degree meridian
island a body of land smaller than a continent that is completely surrounded by water
mouth part of a river where it empties into another body of water
source Spring, lake or other body of water that is the point of origin of a river system
gulf body of water forming an indentation in the shoreline of an ocean or sea, usually larger and deeper than a bay
channel deepest part of a river; a wide strait
Prime Meridian 0 degree longitude, line from which longitude east and west is measured
delta triangular section of land built up at a river's mouth
toll ring shaped island formed by coral building up along the rim or an underwater volcano
plateau flat landmass higher than the surrounding land, with at least one steep side, called a cliff
fjord long, steep-sided glacial valley now filled by seawater
tributary smaller rivers and streams that feed into a larger river
isthmus narrow piece of land connecting two large landmasses
longitude imaginary verticle lines running from pole to pole on the globe, used to measure distance east or west of the Prime Meridian; also known as meridians
cape a point of land that juts out into water
oasis small area in a desert where water and vegitation are found, usually because of underground springs
archipelago a group or chain of islands
key (legend) part of the map that explains the symbols used
peninsula a peice of land projecting into water
strait narrow waterway connecting two large bodies of water
symbol something that represents something else
land locked entirely or almost entirely surrounded by land
elevation height or distance above sea level
valley land between mountains or hills
continent main land masses on earth
plain a nearly level area of land
latitude imaginary horizontal lines running parallel to the equator
hemisphere the northern or southern half of the earth divided by the equator
canyon a narrow chasm with steep cliff walls
canal a man made waterway
continental shelf a shallow, flat submerged portion of the continent
topography graphically representing the physical features of land on a map
estuary a narrow arm of the sea at the mouth of a river where the ocean tide meets the river current
watershed a region draining into a river, river system or body of water
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