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SA Geography Terms

Tepuis High edged clifs, Angel Falls in Venezuela is a good example of Tepuis
Llanos Lage plains in Northwestern Coloumbia and Western Venezuela
Gran Chaco Large plains between the Andes Mountains and the Brazilian Highlands
Pampas A plain in Argentina that has fertile soil fuled by the Andes
Who were the Inca South America's greatest early civilization. They were defeated by Francisco Pizarro in 1530. This began the peroid of Spanish settelment
Latifundia Large estates in Soutn America
What peroid in history did many South America countries gain their independence? 1810 to 1830
What countries colonized much of South America? Spain and Portugal
Buffer State A smaller country that is formed between two larger countries
coup A violent overthrow of the government, Bolivia has had 200 after the year 1825
Minifundia small plantations that were formed when the larger colonial plantations were broken up, the land is usually bad and only good for subsistence farming
Mercosur South American trade unions that have helped industry and the economy of South America
Favelas The name for urban slums in Brazil, but are found in other parts of South America
Created by: Coach Hilton