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Norse Mythology

Norse stuff. Good luck on Slavien's Test!

What started out as a big ball of ice? The world.
Who came from the ice? What did they live off of? Ymir (frost giants) and Audhumbla (cow - girl). The cow licked the ice, and Ymir lived of cow's milk.
What things made up the world? Ymir's body. : Blood = water, lake, streams. Skin = soil, ground, dirt. Maggots = dwarves. Skull = sky. Brains = clouds. Bones & Teeth = mountains, rocks. Eyebrows = Midgard.
What were people made from? Trees.
Who were the first people? Woman = Embla. Male = Aske.
Who were Loki's children? Fenrir = big talking wolf. Hela = half flesh, half rotting corpse. Jormungand = Midgard serpant.
What were the ingredients for the magical chain made for Fenrir? Intendens of a bear, roots of a mountain, the sound a cat makes when it moves, chin hairs of a woman, breath of a fish, and bird spit.
What happens to all of Loki's children? Fenrir gets tied up, Hela is in Hell, & Jormungand is around Midgard.
What are Valkryies? Invisible woman warriors who pick which of the best fighters would die in battle and be taken to Vahella.
What is Valhella and where is it at? It is the hall of the slain. Where all the dead best fighters would go to train for the end of the world. It is located on the first disk of the lands from Yggdrasil.
What was/is Ragmarok? A 9 year period. 1st 3 years = war & insest. 2nd 3 years = cold & famine. 3rd 3 years = total darkness.
What was/is Gotterdammerung? The longest & final battle where everyone kills each other at the end of Ragmarok.
Who is Balder? The good.
Who is Thor? War god. Odin's son.
Who is Freya? goddess of Love & beauty.
Who is Tuis? 1 handed god.
What happened to Tuis? He volunteered to put his hand in Fenrir's mouth when he Fenrir only said he would try out the new chain if someone put their hand in his mouth because he thought it was a trick (& it was), so Tuis lost his hand.
Who is Odin? Main/head god. Thor's father.
Who is Hod? The blind god.
Who is Loki? Frost Giant/Evil/Shapeshifter.
What happened to Balder? He was killed.
How did Balder die? Loki gives Hod a holly branch that is sharpened to throw at Balder. It stabs him and kills him.
Who made a ship and what was it made of? Hela made a ship out of hair, fingernails, and toenails from the dead (fingernails and toenails grew after you died).
What happened during Gotterdammerung? Thor kills snake & snake kills him by spraying poison on him as he was dying. Odin is killed by Fenrir and Odin's sons kill Fenrir after Odin is killed. Everything dies and burns, & finally; the tree and everything else sunk into the water.
What were the contests and who competed in them? Loki in eating contest. Thialfi in running contest. Thor in drinking contest, strength contest, and wrestling contest.
How did the Frost Giants give the impression that they had won and not the gods? Loki actually competed against wildfire. Thialfi competed against thought. Thor competed against the ocean (drinking contest), old age (old lady for wrestling contest), and the Midgard serpent (cat in strength contest).
Why did the Frost Giant king not tell them (Thor, Loki, and Thialfi) that they (the gods) actually won in front of all the other Frost Giants? Because he did not want the other Frost Giants to be frightened. He told them never to come back because of this. He too was scared.
What were the treasures that the Dwarves made for the gods? (Loki asked them to make them.) Gold Bracelet-produces 9 more bracelets everyday. Gold Hair-attaches & grows immediately. Gold Spear-always hits target. Gold Razorback-outs everything else (flys, swims, runs, ect.). Gold Ship-fits in pocket & when you need it, turns into full size ship.
What were Thor's things and what did they do? Hammer (golden hammer the dwarves made) (Mjolnir) = never misses. Glove = doubles strength & speed of hammer. Belt = doubles Thor's strength.
Days of the week named after gods are what? Tuesday = Tuis. Wednesday = Odin. Thursday = Thor. Friday = Freya.
Created by: Michaela53
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