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Sustech history rev

there were souring ____ and peasents had no food. bread prices
too ___ caused problems much spending and extrvagence
the first and second estates paid almost ___ taxes no
Bonaparte allowed ___ religous freedom and catholics
the largest class who were the largest and paid the taxes were the _____ peasents
the ____ 1776 declred the colonies independence from england decalration of independence in
Napoleon also wrote clear and understanable law called the Napolionic code
Napoleon was finally defeated militarilarily at _____ and exiled to st. Helen Waterloo Belgium
The finances were bad due to two _____ wars
The colonies wrote a constitution and became the united states of america as a democracy
England established the economic system of _____ in the american colonies mercantelism
The ____ resented the privileges of the first and second estates peasents
The third estate was unhappy with the solutions and formed the national assembly
the ____ represented the years of abuse by the french government to the peasents Bastille
____ Voided the constitution during the reighn of terror and executed anyone who did not agree with his ideas. He was executed Roespierre
____ went up and the peasents could not afford to purchase any food;they were starving Food prices
There was much ____ Narrowing and heavy spending
After napoleon was exiled france returned to a ______ with Louis XVI. Constitutional monarchy
The colonies served as a scource of ________ for england raw materials
____ the estates general to try and solve problems Louis XVI. called
The british marched into america and began the american rev. with ____ in concord and lexington confiscation of arms
There was ____ among the three classes in france inequality
Uprisings in france led ti the capture and execution of Louis XVI. and marked the begging of the _____ Reign of terror
______took control of france in 1799 and instituted new laws and took control of much of europe napoleon Bonaparte
the colonist were angered over _____ trade lwas and taxes
the other smaller and richer classes of france were the ____ clergy and nobels
Plebiscite popular vote election by ballot; nanapoleon was esentially voted in but still had absolute power
Napoleonic code code of laws in france thatwere basedupon the enlightenment ideas such as equality of citizens before the law religous toleration and the abolition of feudilis;undid some reforms of the revolution espesially for women
Continental System type of warfare that closed off europes ports to british goods ; also referred to as a blockade
battle of waterloo Battle in Belgium between and allied many versus France ; Napoleons army was crushed in day long clash
Exile To be sent away or banished
principle of legitimacy restoring hereditary monarchs back on the throne ; monarchs had been unseated by the revolution and napoleon
Abdicate means to step down form power; Napoleon was forced to dothis after his russian defeat
Congree of veinna meeting of diplomats after the napolionic era to peice europe back together
Annex add territory to an existing state or country; Napoleon incorporated the netherlands Belgium, and parts of italy and germany into frnace
Factions dissenting groups of people who competed to gain power in france
Emigres nobels,clergy and others who fled france due to fears of the revolution
Marquis de Lafayette aristocrat"hero of the two worlds" who moderates looked up to ; led a revelutionary miltia
republic Government ruled by elected reps. instead of monarch; form of government demanded by the sans coulette
Marie Antwionette Austrian born queen of france , marrie to Louis XVI. who led and extrvagent lifestyle which resulted in lack of favortism of the people
Jacobins A revolutionary political club made up of mostly middle class lawyers and intelectuals l used pamphhlets and newspapers rto advance the republican cause ; later set out to erase all traces of the old order of monarchy
Sans-Coulette translates to "without Pants"
Olympe de Gouges a journalist diapoined with the declaration of the rights of man because it exluded womn;she demanded equal right and was imprisioned then executed for her resistence
1st phase moderate
2nd phase radical
3rd phase counter revelutionary
Created by: Kristenvbw
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